Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coach Q is Back!

Coach Q was at practice this morning. He was skating and blowing the whistle like he hadn't even left.

"I was on IR for a week. We'll call it an upper-body injury. (I'm) all good to go. The only pain I was in for the last week was sitting in the hospital watching games."

It's great to have Coach Q back!
It's comforting being able to look at the bench and seeing the mustache.


“Having him back, it’s just brings a little more familiarity to the group as far as line calls, play calls, stuff like that. He jumped right back in at practice and looked excited."

(source: Hawks happy to see Quenneville back at work)

The Hawks may have been mustache-less for several games, but they weren't lacking in good coaching.

Gotta tip your helmet to Haviland for stepping in and doing a great job.


" 'Havi' knows the systems, how calls are made and what guys to use in certain situations. I'd say 3-1 is a pretty good start to his head-coaching career.''

(source: Hawks assistant does some heavy lifting)

Watch Coach Q from today's practice on Blackhawks TV here.

And read more about his return:

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