Tuesday, February 8, 2011

F Bombs and Power Plays

Let's make this quick with some quick hits from last night's 3-1 loss to the Flames. The wits and sarcastic jokes took a backseat in today's recap. And no, it's not because the Hawks have sucked the humor out of me. It's mostly because my mind was still in the late 1800's, while I was watching the game (late night history class). Now that's a good way to get the humor sucked out of you.

It was another disappointing start for the Hawks. The Hawks only had three shots in first. The saying "all good things come in threes" does not work in this case. Backlund hit the back of the net putting the Flames up 1-0. Seabrook used his body with a huge hit on Iginla and had a shot off the post later in the game.

Kane was wide open for the Toews in the second to tie the game 1-1. Hammer continued to live up to his one goal commercial. He was in pain from blocking a shots, but was always right back out on the ice. He also took a big hit in first and a stick to the face. He has been put in the beast category. The Hawks had two power play opportunities, but produced no opportunities during them. However, the Hawks improved and picked up their play. And once again it was a big third for the Hawks with the game tied and time left on the power play.

It was all too familiar. The third had more power plays full of nothing. The Hawk s ended up 0-4 on the power play. The Flames got two more including an empty netter. Seabrook's penalty at the end of the game pretty much summed up the game, after he was caught yelling at the ref for unsportsmanlike conduct. The bright spot in the game was Crawford. He got right back into the swing of things stopping 25 of 27 shots. The outcome doesn't give his performance justice. He was solid.

With the loss the Hawks are now 11th in the Western Conference standings.

Call this a breaking point or the hand slamming down on the panic button, but it sounds like Hawks fans have had enough. Anger seemed to be a popular emotion after this one. Here's Keith's post-game quote:

"F*** the power play. Nobody goes to the net to score goals. That's why we don't win. The other team had power plays too. They didn't score." (ESPNChicago: Duncan Keith: Don't blame power play is not the problem)

There's no doubt the Hawks are just as frustrated and angry as the fans. The Hawks now have the opportunity to channel those emotions into their game and kick some ass by winning. Look at me the super smart psychologist. I suggest a good game of Sorry! to keep the blood boiling on the plane and into the game against Oilers.

I could pull an "05 White Sox" and start quoting "Don't Stop Believin'" But I think I'm going to leave out the cheesiness and stick to a simple LETS GO HAWKS!

Photo Source: Blackhawks Website (a cameo from Toews' grillz)

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