Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oil Absorbent

The Blackhawks officially have a one game winning streak. Now just 49 more to grant Konroyd's 50th birthday wish: "Let's hope for a fifty game winning streak."

Starters: Kane, Toews, Sharp, and Keith/Leddy
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Boynton and Scott

Sharp kicked off the Blackhawks 4-1 win against the Oilers with his 27th goal of the season. The Toews, Sharp, and Kane line held it down on that goal. The Blackhawks received their first power play on a too many men on the ice penalty. It was certainly not the last. Seabrook channeled his inner beast with a nice hit. He laid out an Oiler with the shoulder. Hossa couldn't finish a breakaway opportunity on another Hawks' power play. He also couldn't finish the game. More on that later.

Intermission: Seabrook interview. Wait, he's not in blue. I thought he was traded to Edmonton (stupid rumors).

Speaking of Seabrook, he had a breakaway with a pass from Kopecky. He didn't score, but a breakaway is rare for him, okay. The Hawks power play looked better in the second with quality chances from Toews and Brouwer. Bickell showed some sweet moves with his breakaway goal to put the Hawks up 2-0. Fraser got feisty against Soupy. Ginger on ginger hate. Maybe an argument on who has the better curls? Because it certainly wasn't on who's a better player. Soupy's got that one down. Crawford had a huge save with literally two seconds left. Crawesome is awesome. A little flash of the glove. A little bit of pad here and there.

Intermission: Kitchen interview. The awkward moment when your microphone goes out and you're still talking.

The Hawks desperately needed someone to google "power play" for them. They were 0-5 at one point, then came number 6 for them. Kopecky passed to Kane and bada bing, bada boom! Kopecky being the "bada bing" and Kane being the "bada boom." The Hawks had finally scored on the power play. The Hawks first penalty kill came in the third with Toews in the box, then another pk for the Hawks with Johnson called for holding. Eberle broke Crawfords shutout 3-1. Kane sealed the deal with an empty netter and his second goal of the night. A nice, solid win for the Blackhawks.

The music selection in Edmonton is the first star of the night. Honorable mentions: Toews (2 assists) and Crawford (his glove and pads speak for themselves), and the two points the Hawks got tonight.

Worst star of the night: the powerplay (1-6) and Hossa's day to day upper body injury (the 3rd period was less godly).

-According to @TramyersCSN, Frolik will meet up with the Blackhawks in Dallas.
-Turco will be in the net against his former team on Friday.
-Skille: "I was saying goodbye to all those great guys in that lockerroom and that was a moment I'll probably never forget." (source: @ChrisKuc)
-Blackhawks Down Low wins at life with their photoshop and Titanic reference for the Skille trade: Skillz That Killz...A Roster Spot - Skille Traded to Panthers

(Photo Source: Blackhawks Website)


  1. In other, completely unrelated news, there's a little Hossa on the way.

  2. He announced it for a Slovak tabloid. ( Stupid translation, of course :D.