Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Now That's A Win For The Q Stache

"We just knew what we had to do and what 'Q' would want us to do." (source)

Starters: Kane, Toews, Sharp, and Keith/Leddy
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Boynton and Pisani

Crawford kept the Blackhawks in the game from the moment it started when Keith had a turnover right in front of the net. Kane put on his fancy pants with a sweet move, involving a spin-o-rama and then a "clank." His shot went off the post. I don't know if doing a spinning motion is the best thing to do when recovering from the flu. But it's a good way to keep your opponent away from you.

The Blackhawks got their first power play with a highstick by Cullen. A twilight joke is so tempting. Soupy opened a can of...Yeah I don't have a good joke. Campbell's power play goal through traffic put the Hawks up 1-0. Too much man on the ice had the refs panties in a bunch and the Hawks went onto the penalty kill. Crawford was very good in the first with several big saves. The Wild led in SOG 17-10.

Lemonhead radio commercial: Kane thinks the bench is haunted by the Lemonhead guy. While Toews wants to know if the Lemonhead is talking shit about him. Awkwardly amazing.

Stoner was caught hooking, power play for the Hawks. Theodore was "gobbling" all of the Hawks' shots during the power play. Thanks to the radio's frequent use of the word "gobbling," Theodore will forever be associated with a turkey. Bickell was hit with a stick and oh no, blood. The damage was done by Clutterbuck, who got 4 minutes. Apparently, no one told the Hawks they were on the power play. Wild killed it. Hawks only had two shots on goal.

Another powerplay opportunity for the Hawks came from a trip on Toews. Hossa almost had an open net chance, but former Hawk Barker saved a goal for the Wild. The Hawks had a huge shift late in the second with plenty of good chances from Brouwer, Bickell, and Kopecky. A switcharoo at the end of the period for the D pairs with Keith and Seabs reunited as well as Soupy and Hammer. A nice few minutes for the Hawks. They gained on the Wild in shots with 28-25.

The D pairings went back to what they started with, Keith/Leddy and Hammer/Seabs. The Hawks went on the kill, while Bickell was in the box for goaltender interference. Cullen tied the game 1-1 on the power play. Damn vampires. The Hawks got a power play, while I received a text from brother about Hossa's lack of scoring. God hears and sees all, so he scores a goal. 2-1 Blackhawks. Goal actually went to Brouwer, but it doesn't work with my God references. Recovering from the flu, Dowell threw up the puck into the empty net and Hawks win 3-1.

We finally were able to hear the United Center full of cheers and the glorious sound of Chelsea Dagger. Hawks win! It sure feels good to say that.

Stars of the game:
1. Crawford (He was the entire team in the first)
2. Brouwer Power!
3. It went to Theodore, but we're giving it to Bolland (3 assists) and Hossa (2 assists). Hossa looked closer to his original godly form.

It was a must win for the Hawks and they musted it. Or something like that. The Hawks skated away with two points. And it was in regulation. No heart attack overtime moments. No shitting your pants shootout moments. Just the plain old 60.

(Photo source: Chicago Tribune)

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