Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Number 10 on his back, Hey it's Sharp Attack!

This week on Sharp Attack!:

-On Staal picking him for his skill level or being from Thunder Bay: "I like to think it's my skill level, but I'm sure it was probably 50/50."

-On what his teammates thought of playing against him in the All-Star game: "I think it was kind of mixed feelings. I think they probably wish it was a real game, so they could slash me or hit me."

-On Toews not hearing the whistle: "If I got smoked by my teammate I would make up an excuse that I didn't hear something too."

-On changing his Oscar choice for best movie: "I'm not gonna pull a Toews."

-On going to a movie with Stalberg: "I'd love to, but he's already been scouting out downtown Columbus looking for a tanning machine."

-On Nicholas Sparks at the All-Star game: "He was giving kind of a speech to all the girlfriends and wives."

-On not knowing anything about the speech Nicholas Sparks gave: "Well I was at the NHL All-Star game. I'm a professional hockey player. One of the things that wasn't on the top of my list of questions was, 'how was the Q&A with Nicholas Sparks?'"

Listen to the entire segment here: Sharp Attack!

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