Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Blue Jackets 4-3

"We know the position we're in. We know we have to win games, especially against a team like that. They're right there in the standings with us, they're in the same boat. Give them credit, they played hard but we still have to hold our heads up here. We know what we can do in this room and it's about time to start proving it." -Sharp (source)

It was a must win vs the Wild and the Hawks won it. Tonight was no different in the must win department, but the Hawks had trouble with the whole win part. Giving up leads is like someone giving you an ice cream cone, then slapping it out of your hand, while you watch the ice cream drip down your hand. It just leaves you sticky and wanting more ice cream. We got two scoops from the Hawks in the first, then they slapped it out of our hands. Leaving us annoyed and wanting to win. How did you like that analogy? Did I mention I'm writing this rather late?

1st Period: Patrick Sharp can score goals. Specifically, 30 on the season and 2 tonight. Did you know he's handsome too? That's just what I hear.
Intermission: "Marty Turco's doing great tonight."-Person at UC (Crawford was in the net)
2nd Period: Three goals for the Jackets. This is when the Hawks handed their two points to the Jackets.
Late in the 2nd Period: The greatest jump hug goal celebration ever.
Intermission: The men's line for the bathroom was ten times longer than the girls. It's just so rare that I had to mention it.
3rd Period: Late power play=poop.
Last Seconds: Effort and hope.
The Horn Blows: Watching the Hawks' sticks drag on the ice, instead of them being held up in victory.
Bus Ride Home: Pat Foley look-alike. Not just a little resemblance. His twin. If there was anyway to take a photo without looking creepy I would have done it.
What now: 11th in Western Conference and the Pens come to town on Sunday.
The Line: Sharp-Toews-Kane (8 points) They dominated. Every single one of them. You had Kane as Farrah Fawcett, Sharp as Jaclyn Smith, and Toews as Kate Jackson.
Bruise Count: Hammer got his 1,867th bruise from blocking a shot.
Whack-A-Mole: The lady in front of me brought a whole new meaning to sitting on the edge of your seat. She was butt floating above her seat the whole time. She stood up and down for every little thing.
Post-Game Videos: Haviland, Sharp, and Kane.

Lame and lacking detail, but that's "all I have to give". (I hope I just got Backstreet Boys stuck in your head)

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