Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Pens 3-2

Starters: Sharp, Toews, Kane, and Seabrook/Hammer.
Goalie: Crawford (first time against the Pens)
Scratches: Pisani, Boynton, and Scott.
Biggest crowd of the season: 22,195

Let the NBC game begin with a Pierre McGuire "too close for comfort" interview with Kane. Sharp opened up the first with a breakaway attempt with a fantastic pass from Kane. It seemed like once again the line of Toews, Kane, and Sharp was going to dominate. Hendry broke the glass with his big butt. The Hawks took the lead on an absolute beautiful play. Kane got it started with a pass to Hammer, then to Toews who gave it to Sharp for the goal. Sharp is scoring machine. It was his 31st of the season. Orpik took a nasty high stick to the face from Sharp. It was a 4 minute penalty kill for the Hawks. Seabrook lost his stick during it and Johnson gave him his stick on a heads up play.

The Hawks finished up the penalty kill at the start of the second. Big kill for the Hawks. Sharp was taking everyone out. Martin went to the dressing room after Sharp accidently hit him into the boards. Sharp was acting like a superhero who just got their powers and doesn't have control of them yet. Keith got caught holding or hugging Keith, either or. According to Pierre McGuire, we saw vintage Toews on the power play. Really, Pierre? Like last week vintage? Because he's only 22. The Hawks were putting the pressure on the Pens early on in the period. Kopecky lost his helmet. As Pierre would say, that's vintage Kopecky. Kane was called for hooking and it apparently was a cue for every single person to make an alcohol joke. Martin returned to the ice. Cooke tied the game with a shorthanded goal on the Hawks power play. Pens turned it up a notch and Crawford was a wall they couldn't get through.

Bickell scored with a sweet wrister 2-1. Sharp, Toews, and Kane were creating chances and being boss (that's what the cool kids say these days). Pens tied the game. Another day, another game, and another blown lead in the third. Pierre being creepy and Hawks overtime, what else is new?

Holy shit. If overtime wasn't nerve racking enough, add fast-paced and exciting hockey to it. Damn.

Blackhawks win! Everybody thank Kane! Thank him.

Happy Hockey Day in America. It's fitting that an American won the game.

Two points.

Post-Game Videos: Crawford, Toews, Haviland, and Kane.
Game Highlights: Sharp's goal, Bickell's goal, and the shootout.
Other videos: Astronaut honored and the anthem .

Don't forget tomorrow's game is on at 1 p.m. on WGN!

Photo Source: Chicago Tribune

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