Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recap of Blackhawks' Recaps:

Check out more game photos here:
Chicago Tribune

Went to the
@ChiPucksCancer and Second City Hockey event last night, which was great. We watched the game, raised money, received prizes, and talked Blackhawks. It was an awesome event. Also, $2, 494 was raised last night.

Due to the event, Spice World, and pure laziness I will be skipping the game recap. But I came prepared. Here are some recap's of last night's Blackhawks vs Coyotes game, which are probably better than mine would of been anyway. So take your pick:

Post-game videos:

Now time to warm your Blackhawks heart. Some things to cheer you up after a loss and no recap:

-Sharp is the new cover boy for Chicago Magazine! Check out Mr. Handsome on the cover here and a peek at inside here.

-Haven't found a Valentine's Day card yet? Well, don't you worry! Runs On Duncan has you covered with some Blackhawks Valentine's Day cards here!

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