Friday, February 4, 2011

The Ref Made Out With A Hot Dog

Starters: Bickell, Bolland, Pisani, and Soupy/Hammer
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Scott, Hendry, and Johnson

The Blackhawks lost 4-3 tonight. I would usually say against the Canucks, but the Blackhawks lost against the refs tonight. They blew it. No seriously. They blew the whistle way too many times.

Also, you think you can't hate the Canucks more than you already do, but then the Blackhawks play them again.

The Blackhawks came out in the first with fast paced, high energy hockey. The Hawks first opportunity came when Bickell passed to Bolland and then back to Bickell right in front of net, but he couldn't get control of puck. The tension between the Hawks and Canucks was there from the very start with a pretty solid hip check on Kopecky. The Hawks had some good chances early on in the powerplay, but Luongo was making the saves. Bolland scored, but it was waived off. Brouwer was called for interference on Luongo. Terrible call by the refs. This was the cue for a purple Coach Q with lots of hand movements. Luongo had a huge glove save on Kopecky's shot. Ehrhoff scored for Vancouver and Brouwer made him pay with a big hit on the boards. He ended up getting called for boarding.

Captain Awesomeness continued his awesome play with the Blackhawks' first goal. A Kane spin-o-rama sighting. Boynton. Nick fucking Boynton. Holy shit. He scored. Take this time to laugh. Stalberg and Ehrhoff got into it. Cue "NOT THE FACE" screams. The Hawks had a 5 on 3, but nothing. Vancouver tied the game 2-2 on the powerplay.

The refs sucked and Foley was pissed from here on out. Turco is the best. First he mocked Pierre McGuire, then he had Kesler on his knees by giving him a tap to the balls (video below). Duncan Keith was the back-up goalie tonight. He saved a goal, then quickly after Bolland got his goal back. Suck it refs. Seabrook went to the box and was not happy with the call. That seemed to be the trend tonight. One of the Sedin bitches scored 3-3. Sharp went down after being tripped, but no call. Of course. "The brothers work some more magic." Witchcraft has to be illegal in hockey, right? The Hawks received a powerplay with three minutes left, but failed to do anything with it.

We might blame the refs for this loss, but the Blackhawks are not: ESPNChicago Hawks won't blame referees for defeat But I bet they're totally going to go home and write in their burn book: The ref made out with a hot dog! (If you don't get the movie reference, you fail at life)

This video shows the emotions of Hawks' fans perfectly for tonight's loss. Plus, it's a good for a much needed laugh:

Turco giving Kesler a love tap:

Photos Source (looks like Turco was playing more than just goalie)

The Blackhawks look to continue their high energy play into Monday's game against the Flames!

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