Sunday, February 27, 2011


Or at least another five years.

(I don't know the source to this glorious photo. If anyone knows leave it in the comments section, Thanks!)

Seabrook's contract extension of 5 years and $29 million was made official today. Woo! Woo!

Bowman: "Brent is a very important member of our organization and we are looking forward to him being part of a core group that will be a contender for many years to come. We have been fortunate to have Brent as part of our family since he was a teenager and we are proud to be able to announce this news today." (source)

Seabrook: "The Blackhawks are the only organization I've ever played for, and I've been a part of something very special in Chicago over the last six seasons. I'm excited to continue being a part of this group, playing in the United Center and making our fans proud." (source)

Photo: 2003 NHL Draft (Chicago Tribune)

To do a Seabrook appreciation post, or not to do a Seabrook appreciation post, that is the question...

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