Friday, February 11, 2011

To be a goal, or not to be a goal, that is the question.

The Hawks get right back into it with the Coyotes tonight. They had a short flight to Phoenix last night with no morning skate this morning. We'll see if back to back games and travel effects the Hawks at 7 on CSN.

CSN's tagline in tonight's game commercial: "Keith and Seabrook look to make the Coyotes ugly." Clever.


Now last night's game...

Starters: Toews, Sharp, Kane, and Keith/Leddy
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Hossa (flu), Scott, and Boynton

At least the Hawks 4-3 loss wasn't witnessed live in front of a lot of people. From the TV stand point, it looked like an empty one in Dallas. Game started with too much time in the Hawks zone, but that quickly changed. A steal for Kane to put the Hawks up 1-0.

SSSSSEEEEEAAAABBBBRRROOOOKKK. Now try saying it like that. It's fun. Seabrook scored 39 seconds after Kane's goal. Toews with a beautiful backhand assist in a beautiful period. Turco with a save on Morrow, but Morrow got his later. Sharp went to the box on a questionable boarding call, since the guy was already falling down. It ended up being one of the best penalty kills for the Hawks with no shots on goal for Dallas. Frolik drew his first penalty as a Hawk and Sharp's power play goal was number 28 for him.

The Hawks had a two man advantage for 49 seconds when Seabrook's "should have been" second goal happened. It was a big save for the Stars' goalie, but it went under review. To be a goal, or not to be a goal, that is the question. Eddie O was super pissed about the whole thing.

Basically, I just wanted to bathe in the first period. 3-0 Blackhawks. 3 points for Kane. 2 assists for Toews. 1 goal for Seabrook. 1 goal for Sharp. I may have wanted to bathe in the awesomeness of the first, but for the rest of the game I just wanted to shower. It was dirty and stinky.

To start the second, we're greeted with the news of Stalberg injuring his shoulder. To continue the period, Pisani was hit next to the Stars' bench and his head snapped back. He went down and also needed help getting off the ice. Fistric, who hit Pisani, was called for a random interference. No Stalberg. No Pisani.

Bickell was called for hooking and just as the Hawks killed the penalty the Stars got their first. Sharp was stick-less on the play. Turco's saves contiuned to literally save the Hawks with a couple of minutes left in the period. Toews was elbowed by Ott, but no call. That's just the way the game was going. Brouwer was out with an interference for the last 40 seconds. Hammer blocked shot. He was pain. Stars scored. 4 seconds left and done.

We were greeted with a similar greeting to start the third. Johnson out. Dallas tied the game 3-3 and whatever the Hawks had in the first seemed to be gone. The tying goal was reviewed, but shfadflflhfah (mumbles). The wheels falling off references came out in full force, which got me thinking or should I say picturing. I started picturing the Hawks back in the day on a wagon on a dirt path with the wheels breaking off and the injured players falling off, while in full hockey gear. Kane gets caught and two many men on the ice was called. There was something purple and steaming on the Hawks' bench. It happened to be Coach Q. The only evidence was the mustache.

Turco had some pretty sick moves and polished them off with the "lay and play dead" stop. Seabrook was involved in a knee on knee hit, but the Stars' player was called for tripping. Turco bailed the Hawks out at the beginning of the Hawks own power play. It was time for overtime.

Symptoms of overtime/shootout: Heart attack, can't breathe, nauseous, indigestion, upset stomach, diarr..wait never mind, etc.

It was the usual guys stepping up in overtime. Toews being awesome blah, blah, blah. Turco keeping them in it blah, blah, blah. Turco got them through three and overtime. He can't score goals too.

Toews: faked it and the Stars bought it. Eddie O: "HELLO"
Yes, we get it every player in the shootout was Turco's old teammate.
Sharp missed.

Blackhawks lose 4-3 against the Stars in a shootout.

The ultimate medicine for a tough loss is seeing an ice girl wipe out. If you're able to go back on your TV to the end of the game. Do it. Hilarious.

-More the Stalberg, Pisani, and Johnson: here.
-A video of the hit on Pisani: here.
-Toews: “We can go back and work our balls off on that power play, really show them up for hurting one of our players and we don’t." (source)
-Post-game video: Seabrook, Hammer, Coach Q, and Turco.
-Classy move from Dallas for playing a thank you Turco video. You can watch his standing ovation on the Blackhawks homepage.

Photo explanation: Turco received the nickname TurcoJesus at the beginning of the year. I don't know what's up with all the biblical names and references, it just happens. I think the photo is pretty funny. It was made by QueenCrash. You should click the link and check out her photoshop skills. Her recent project was Panic Art (not for the squeamish), because seeing your favorite player in a different uniform can make you sick.

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