Friday, February 4, 2011


Blackhawks vs Canucks at 9pm on WGN.

Turco gets the start tonight, after his win on Tuesday night. Coach Q:
"Goalies want to play and when you get a little confidence in you, you want to keep the net and sustain the game. We're going to need both guys playing well down the stretch. I think it's good that Marty gets a chance to come right back." (Source)

No John Scott vs Vancouver. He stayed back with the flu.

Vigneault is still a little butt hurt from the Hawks being better, but he had an interesting way of saying there's no hard feelings between him and Coach Q: "I stand by what I said, but Q and I kissed and made up at the All-Star Game." Once again, Coach Q gets the last laugh: "Yeah, but he had bad breath." (Source)

Never like to hear a sentence that starts with bad news and ends with serious pain. Kane went down at morning skate: "He should be fine. He's been dealing with it. When you're dealing with that injury it's one of those that lingers on throughout the whole year and you just have to deal with it. Sometimes it looks like it goes away and a little tweak like and you're back at it." (Source)

Jesse Rogers caught up with Toews before tonight's game: Toews ready for road trip

Blackhawks TV Morning Skate videos: Toews, Coach Q, and Turco.


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