Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Surprising news came from Hawks practice today, Coach Q went to the emergency room last night. The Blackhawks team physician Dr. Michael Terry on Coach Q's condition: "Joel presented severe discomfort late last night at his home in suburban Chicago. He went to the emergency room and was admitted early this morning. He is currently in stable condition and is being treated for an undisclosed health concern today, not of cardiac nature." (source) Haviland will coach tonight's game, watch his morning skate video here. Get well soon Q! The boys gotta win one for the Q tonight!

Kane will play in tonight's game after having the flu, which went through some of the team. Insert the overplayed "the Blackhawks need to stop making out with each other" joke. Kane actually had to be hooked up to an IV this morning:
"Monday was a pretty bad day for me. It's pretty rough to eat, but I have to get something in my body to get some energy for tonight ... Hopefully I'll have enough energy to do the same things I want to do out there." (source) There's nothing like taking out the other team with throw up on the ice.

Johnson was back skating with the team this morning: "I feel good. I had to do a physical test, some bike and different exercises and that all went fine and I was able to get on the ice. I'd love to be in there (against the Wild) in such a big game but I'll spend the next few days getting ready and hope everything continues to progress." (source)

The Blackhawks put Pat Tomasulo to work after the WGN contract extension, watch here. This reminds be of an old classic video featuring Pat and Burish, watch here. More from Blackhawks TV: Toews stopped by the Auto Show, watch here.

If you're headed to the game tonight make sure to pick up the new Blackhawks Magazine with Sharp on the cover. If you're not headed to the game, you can read an excerpt from Sharp's article here.

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