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It's official! The Blackhawks have signed Jimmy Hayes to a three-year contract. Hayes came to the Hawks from the Leafs during the summer. He joined his brother, Kevin Hayes, who was drafted by the Hawks in the first round. They also play together at Boston College. Kevin gave us a handful of cheesy draft photos. But Jimmy recently joined him for an "awkward family" photo shoot for Blackhawks magazine.

Jimmy's contract starts at the beginning of the 2011-12 season. Read more about the signing from the Blackhawks' official release: here.

Also, I can't guarantee that will be my last Jersey Shore reference.

One Win. One Loss.

Blackhawks vs Red Wings: 3-2


Hossa on his game winning goal: "I was hoping to find that one shot and thank God that it was the last one." (source) Hossa thanking God? Hossa thanking himself?

Post-Game Videos:

Blackhawks vs Bruins: 3-0

-BlackhawksDownLow: How Many Times Can I Break 'Til I Shatter? Hawks Fall to Bruins 3-0 (warning there's an owl picture and owls are terrifying)
-Chicago Tribune: Bruins blank Hawks 3-0

Keith: "I don't think it's tough to play hard two games in a row. If it's too hard to play two games in a row we probably shouldn't be in the NHL." (source)

Post-Game Videos:

The Case of the Mystery Chirper:
Thornton: "Yeah, something was said. Obviously, I can’t swear when I talk to you guys. There was some stuff said that I'm not happy about. I'm going to find out who it was and I will deal with it in my own way."
More from Thornton: "Those guys on their team chirp a lot. I don’t know if it's right when someone’s face is half across the other side of their face. But it's a tough game and people have to live with their actions. If you guys ever find out who it is, don’t be afraid to send me a Christmas card."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My two busiest days this week happen to also be the Blackhawks busiest two days. I'll be playing catch up on the blog tomorrow. Sorry!


Yay for a win!
Yay for two points!
Yay for Hossa!

Yay to hoping we'll be saying yay after tonight's game!

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Friday

Never in my entire life did I ever think I would be posting this song on my blog. Never in my entire life did I ever think the Sens would change my mind.

But they did. Enjoy...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Campoli's WGN Post-Game Interview

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Ducks

Starters: Kane, Toews, Stalberg, and Seabrook/Keith
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Sharp, Bolland, Scott, and Hendry
Pre-game: Campbell honored with Man of the Year for his charity "Campbell For Kids."

The Blackhawks lose 2-1 against the Ducks. They drop to 8th in the West and the Ducks take the 7th spot. Hossa and Perry were the lone scorers for their teams tonight. Crawford was huge despite the final score.

Hossa scored in the first period. He put the puck to the net after it deflected off of Stalberg's skate. Dowell headed to the locker room in the first. He was hit by Ruutu and started bleeding, but was back out on the ice to start the second.

One of Crawford's highlight saves came in the second off of Bobby Ryan's breakaway. Seabrook broke up a 2 on 1. He stopped Perry, after a pass from a Ryan spin-o-rama. Big play by Seabs.

To start the third, Perry tied the game 1-1. He later scored his second of the night and 44th of the season. This was a cue for the camera guy to get a shot of the only Ducks' fan at the UC.

Every game is a must-win for the Hawks, which makes every loss a disappointing one. They go on the road for back to back games. They're in Detroit on Monday and Boston on Tuesday.

Also, please stop playing Binny's commercials. They're as funny as the Blackhawks losing.

Hossa Celebration Source: Chicago Tribune

Friday, March 25, 2011


Brent Seabrook: The Hair

Jonathan Toews: The Helmet Mark

Coach Q: The Mustache
See more posters from Queen Crash at Pucks and Pixels.

Around the UC:

-Seabrook on being the number one star: “It’s cool. It’s a pretty cool thing. It’s whatever.”
Title belt tells it all for Seabrook, Keith

-Bowman on Bolland: ‘‘We’re always hopeful these things can progress quickly. It’s really hard to say. There’s been a lot talked about these kind of injuries. You just don’t know. It can be a rapid progression, or it can be slower. We’re optimistic, but at this point it’s just wait-and-see.’’
Dave Bolland's recovery slow, but Bowman hopeful

-Bowman on Crawford: “We’ve reached out and we’re gonna try to do something here. The timing is delicate and you don’t want it to become a distraction but we certainly have an interest in trying to get something done. I think he’s performed very well for us this year. Looking back from where he’s come – not only having a foothold in the NHL at the beginning, when he started a handful of games, but watching his progression as he’s gotten more responsibility, he’s risen to the challenge. That’s what you look for in goaltenders. When they get the increased workload, can they handle it? He’s kind of unflappable and doesn’t get rattled by much. I think that’s a strength of his. He’s obviously talented. He’s got the physical capabilities, but the mental side is important as well, and he’s been rock-solid for us.”
Hawk Talk: Team looking to lock up Crawford

-Skille: “To be honest, this was really awkward, being on the other side of things. There are a lot of good fans out there, saw some signs with my name on it and that was nice. It was nerve-wracking at the start, but I kind of got the hang of it as the game went on. I know how these fans are; they either love you or hate you. And they’re very competitive. I was wondering how I would be received, and they showed a lot of class. I commend them for that.’’
Florida Panthers' Jack Skille grateful for reception in Chicago

-Stalberg: "Sharpie obviously brings his scoring and great abilities, but I have to bring something else. I have to bring what I can: play a pretty simple game, go hard to the net and try to create some more space for them with my speed."
Stalberg's confidence, aggressiveness on rise

-Coach Q: “It’s been a very amazing race. We just know we have to take care of own business. Watching other games it’s almost like you get the worst-case scenario, but that’s the way it’s been going with all the 3-point games."
Hawks may need more than 96 to make playoffs

-Coach Q: "There's nothing new on Bolland -- status quo. The uncertainty is the part that leaves you a little bit concerned. (But) things can change quickly."
Blackhawks' Quenneville on Bolland: 'Status quo'

-Dowell: “I can always improve on things. It’s something you learn on the fly, playing against some of the top-end forwards on the other teams and things you can and can’t get away with.”
Jake Dowell prepares for new role as fourth-line wing

Behind the scenes: Blackhawks take team photo (video)

Bowman on Kruger and Meet Marcus Kruger

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Number 10 on his back, Hey it's Sharp Attack!: Featuring Viktor Stalberg

This week on Sharp Attack!:

-On what he will most about Sharp: "Probably his good looks."

-On Sharp calling him a "jersey chaser" by hanging out with Toews and Kane: "He's just jealous."

-On how he would do on a dancing show: "I'd love to say I'm a great dancer, but I'd probably finish in the bottom three if we had one."

-On who's the best dancer in the locker room: "Kaner's got his moves, so i'll guess he'll be up there."

-On growing a mullet with Kane: "No, I think he'll be on his own for that one."

Listen to the entire segment here: Sharp Attack!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everybody Hands Go Up

"And they stay there, and they say "yeah," and they stay there
Up, down, up, down, up, down
'Cause all I do is win, win, win
And if you goin' in, put your hands in the air, make 'em stay there"

I noticed a theme in the photos from tonight's win...

See more photos from the game here.

Two Points For You, Blackhawks. You Go, Blackhawks!

Yes, I realize the Mean Girls joke is so over done, but that's all I got.

Starters: Toews, Kane, Stalberg, and Hammer/Campoli.
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Scott and Bolland
Soupy was back.
Kruger was in the line-up as number 16.
Seabrook wore the "A" for the second time this season. What a whore. And that's my second Scarlet Letter joke of the season.

To start the game, Stalberg crashed the net to honor Skille. He did his best Luis Mendoza impression by skating fast to the net and not being able to stop. He took out Vokoun and the net. He also drew a hooking penalty on the play for a Blackhawks' power play. The camera quickly showed Stalberg with his helmet off and suddenly every TV in Chicago was behind from being rewound and paused.

Not much happened in the first. The Blackhawks were creating chances, but Vokoun was on his game against the Hawks as always. At one point the puck ended up on top of the net and Brouwer ended up in the net. There was also a Sharp sighting and his head was seen on several sticks along the glass. Would anyone like handsome on a stick?

Skille tripped Seabrook to kick off or should I say trip off the second. Shame on him. But thanks for the power play and miss you. Kane almost had one, but Vokoun saved it with the very tip of his skate. Hossa caused a scare by leaving for the locker room in the middle of the second, after he collided with a Panther. Imagine if it was real panther. Yikes. Anyway, he was back out on the ice just a few minutes later. Maybe he had to pee. God has to pee too, people.

Up until this moment, the Hawks' power play had been ppp, poopy power play.

Wait for it, wait for it...


I can't celebrate a Seabrook goal (in words) any other way. Now try pronouncing Seabrook like that, because I know you want to. Biscuit put the biscuit in the basket.

Kane to Toews to Stalberg 2-0. Welcome to the top line, Stalberg! With Stalberg's goal, the camera guy had an excuse to camera stalk him. Hossa and Kopecky wrapped the game up in a bromance hug and gave the Hawks a 4-0 lead. And congrats to Kruger on his first penalty! Props to him for jumping in the game straight off the plane from Sweden.

Blackhawks won 4-0 against the Panthers! Crawford with his fourth shutout of the season!

Two points for Kane. Two points Toews. Two points for Keith. Two points for Seabrook. Two points for the Blackhawks!

Stars of the game:
1. Seabrook
2. Toews
3. Crawford

Photo Source: Chicago Tribune

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I don't know if you wanna call it good news, but it's better news. Sharp is out for the time being, but hopefully will be back before the end of the season. Coach Q: "We hope to have him back before the end of the regular season. He feels better the last couple of days, so we'll see his progress over the next little bit." (source) Phew! Now back to your regular-scheduled breathing.

Soupy skated with the team today! He is a possibility for tomorrow night's game: "Overall, I felt pretty good. If I can play, I'll play. We'll see how it [Wednesday] morning and go from there." (source)

More from practice: Stalberg practiced on the top line with Toews and Kane. Stalberg: “I don’t think anyone expects me to replace Sharpie, but I’ll try to do everything I can. (Toews and Kane) are one of the best tandems in the league. Any time you get a chance to be on the ice with them you feel pretty fortunate.” (source)

Unfortunately, Bolland's news isn't as good as Campbell's and Sharp's. He's still suffering from a concussion. With Bolland out, Marcus Kruger will be joining the Blackhawks. I've heard nothing, but good things about him. He turned heads at Blackhawks camp during the summer and he's been playing for the Swedish Elite League. He's expected to be in the line-up tomorrow. Coach Q: "We saw him in camp and I've seen him play a few times and he's a kid who is a responsible player with good hockey sense and instincts. We'll see how it works out. It's an opportunity for us to assess him quickly and see if he can fit right in there." (source)

Practice Videos: Stalberg, Campbell, Toews on Sharp and "a playoff feel", and Hendry.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Campoli's first goal, Sharp's injury, and Crawford's late saves:

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Yotes 2-1

Starters: Toews, Kane, Sharp, and Seabrook/Hammer
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Bolland and Campbell

This has probably been said before, but it needs to be said again: Arena might be the worst name of a stadium ever.

A.J. Pierzynski dropped the puck before the game. Once the puck dropped, he immediately switched his hat to a Blackhawks one. Just one of the many reasons he's awesome.

There was so many Blackhawks fans at Arena that cheers were heard during the national anthem.

The Blackhawks came into the game trying to go all "Inception" on us by erasing the last game from our memories. And they did that by getting two points and Crawford doing his best Leonardo Dicaprio impression by leading them to a huge win.

Keith put the Blackhawks on the board first with a power play goal. Side note: speaking of Keith, welcome back defense! I see you blocking shots like it's your job. Side note over. Before the power play, Sharp went down and was helped off the ice. He went knee to knee with a Coyote. He was a no show for the second. What was that? I can't hear you! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

The Coyotes tied the game 1-1 late in the second. The puck went off of Leddy's skate. So I guess this would be a good time to say, Happy Birthday Leddy! By the way, how annoying is that howl? Almost as annoying as having to say Arena.

At the start of the third, we were all greeted with the news that Sharp was not coming back for the rest of the game. This is just one of Sharp's pranks for BHTV, right? Right, guys?

Campoli! Ravioli! Cannoli! The Blackhawks took back the lead for the final time 2-1. Congrats to Campoli on his first goal as a Blackhawk. Crawford kept the Blackhawks in the game till the final minutes of the third. The Coyotes unloaded everything they had left on him, but he didn't break.

It was a big 2-1 win for the Blackhawks against the Coyotes. They snatched up two points and took fifth place in the standings.

Cross your fingers, cross your toes, say your prayers (or whatever you do) that Sharp will be okay!
The Blackhawks take on the Panthers next on Wednesday.

Photo Sources: Chicago Tribune and

Friday, March 18, 2011

Around the UC:

-Stalberg: ‘‘I probably won’t knock anyone down too much, but I’ve got to finish my check and make sure we’re coming every time and make their defensemen watch over their shoulders one more time. Little things like that can create a lot of opportunities for other guys, too.’’
Viktor Stalberg trying to get more physical for Hawks

-Turco: "The ability to pick yourself up is probably just as important, if not more important, than riding the wave of confidence. This team certainly needs to do that. That's going to be our main priority and thought process going into the next one or it's going to happen again against another tight defensive team."
Hawks have their work cut out

-Bowman: "I realized I had a passion for sports all along, and wanted to get into hockey. I know some people might have the perception that I ended up getting into the game because of my dad, but I know the truth and know that he really didn't exert any influence at all in making it happen. I worked my way up here, and started here 10 or 11 years ago when my dad was still coaching in Detroit."
Blackhawks GM Stan is becoming a bona fide Bowman

-Toews: “A couple of guys consider themselves leaders of this team, whether they wear a letter or not, and we weren’t good enough tonight. Those guys, and we know who we are, will respond. And the rest of the guys will follow. That’s how our team works.”
Hawks still soul-searching after humiliation

-Scott: “I’m a big guy. I don’t have the foot speed the other guys do so I have to get in good position. I have to use my smarts and hockey sense so I don’t get beat.”
Injuries slowing down Hawks

Dear Blackhawks Media

-My good friend
Queen Crash has started to create some pretty awesome NHL posters. Check out all her work here!

-You can't go wrong mixing hockey with baseball! Photos from the Chicago Blackhawks Alumni Softball game with Skille and Stalberg awhile back here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Crap Heard Around The World

Toews: “It looked like we all picked the same night to crap the bed."

No, people aren't throwing up from too much to drink. It's from watching the Blackhawks lose 5-0 to the Stars.

Starters: Sharp, Toews, Kane, and Seabrook/Keith
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Bickell (sick), Bolland, Campbell, Soupy

A Seabrook interference and a Dallas power play kicked off St. Patty's day night. Good kill for the Blackhawks and Kane with a close chance. Stalberg was creating opportunities with his speed. Johnson drew a tripping penalty for the Hawks first power play. Dowell channeled his inner drunken Irishman when he laid some punches on Segal. Segal left the fight with his face covered in red instead of green. Ott scored on the Stars' second breakaway attempt. The Hawks got lucky on the first attempt, then the fourth clover fell off and the Stars led 1-0 at the end of the first.

And the Hawks never found another fourth leaf clover for the rest of the night.

The Stars opened up the second with a 2 on 1 and scored. At the end of the play, Seabrook accidently took down Crawford. The Stars scored again. Crawford was pulled and Turco was brought in. Keith got a high stick to the face and the Hawks got a 4 minute power play. The Hawks didn't even get a chance to capitalize on the opportunity. Everything went down hill. Keith hit a Star. Ott went after Keith. Some scuffling. Keith to the box. Kane was shaken up a bit when he was hit by Robidas. No call on the hit. Another 2 on 1 for the Stars and it was on the Hawks' power play, but Turco stopped the first shot and the rebound. The second wrapped up with a breakaway for Ott and a glove save by Turco.

Keith was on the bench with his head down and clearly in pain after blocking shot. The Stars scored two more. Turco made a mistake and hand delivered the puck to Williams for an empty netter. The game ended with "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" ringing through the stadium.

And that's what happened.

I'm going to leave out the "fucks" and the "shits" and leave you with "that was just turrrible" in my best Charles Barkley voice.

(I guess this wouldn't be a great time to announce that playoff tickets go on sale Monday for the Blackhawks)

Photoshop by QueenCrash

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Around the UC:

-Kane: "Sharpie was saying on the bench, 'Don't worry about that one.' He said, 'You'll get a bunch more that are more important than 100,' but it was nice Toews went and got it for me. I don't know what I'm going to do with it. I'm sure somebody in my family would like to have it -- maybe my grandpa or something.”
Kane happy to finally score No. 100

-Team physician Michael Terry: "Reconstructive surgery to repair Jordan's left knee ACL tear went well today. We anticipate a full recovery in approximately six months."
Jordan Hendry undergoes surgery

-Kane: "Last year throughout the regular season, it seemed like a breeze right into the playoffs. This year has been up and down. It's good to have that leadership. It's (Toews) and a lot of other guys in here, too. But he leads the way."
Toews leading Hawks with words and deeds

-Hammer: “I’m playing through it and trying to do as best as I can. It’s just mental, I think. You try to handle the pain in a good way."
Hawks' Hjalmarsson plays through the pain

-Crawford: “I feel good. It’s a lot of games, a lot of work. It’s a different schedule than in the minors. It seems like you play every second day, so it’s important to get rest and make sure you have the most energy as possible.”
Workload not wearing on Crawford

-Coach Q on Crawford: "He's a young kid that's going along here at a really nice pace. He's really absorbing a lot of responsibility now and some important games for us. He's won us some big games and he's kept us in some big games. We like how competitive he is and we like the way he's developing as a young goalie. His upside is one of these guys who can be a No. 1 (goaltender) for a lot of years."
Blackhawks' Campbell, Bolland still sidelined

-Campoli: “There’s optimism here. It’s contagious, it really is. I’m being given more of a chance here so far than I ever was in Ottawa. Joel showing confidence in me is helping me go out there and just play my game. When you’re playing on such a good team with guys like this, they make you look a lot better.”
Campoli looking for first goal as a Blackhawk

-"Denis Savard, former Chicago Blackhawks player and coach, will visit Meijer in Bolingbrook on Wednesday, March 30 to prepare food and sign autographs."
'Savvy' Savard to appear at Bolingbrook Meijer

Sharp is Blackhawk Alumni Player of the Year

-Photos from last week's Fashion Rules event benefiting Campbell for Kids

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sharp's WGN Post-Game Interview:

(Blackhawks TV)

The Luck of the Green Hats

Starters: Pisani, Dowell, Bickell, and Keith/Leddy
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Bolland, Campbell, and Hendry

Pisani kicked off PI day with a boarding penalty. Johnson joined in on the fun with a hooking penalty. Sharks had a 5 on 3 and Versteeg's twin scored first. The Hawks finished off the kill and went straight to the power play. Eager and Scott started chirping each other, but Scott is literally too much man for Eager. Stalberg channeled his inner baseball player and took the puck out of mid-air to feed Niemi a meatball. Game tied 1-1.

Kane drew a hooking penalty, after a decent feed by Scott. But at the end of the Blackhawks power play the Sharks scored to take back the lead 2-1 to end the first.

The Hawks started the second on the power play (Frolik, hooking). Sometimes we have to ask ourselves this question: What if God was one of us? Just a Blackhawks player tying a game 2 to 2. Another power play for the Hawks and another god reference! Hossa put the Hawks on top 3-2. Thank God, Thank Hossa. Here comes the guaranteed Toews' goal, because that's what MVPs do. They also score 30 goals. The Blackhawks scored and Niemi was taken out. Or in other words: Niemi said yes and the Blackhawks said bye.

The Hawks have a Shark too. A Hammer head shark. The Hawks added on a fifth meatball to the score. Kane wrapped up the second with his 100th goal. Congrats to Kane! Now cue the Kaner shuffle. Sharp had FOUR assists in the period, which tied him for a franchise record. Hossa was a goal away from a hat trick on green hat night. I just kept picturing Hossa turning the ice green with hats and then magically turning into a leprechaun while doing his goal celebration dance. McHossa photoshop coming soon.

The Blackhawks are now Niklas Hjalmarsson in the standings with their 6-3 win over the Sharks. And five straight home wins. All is right in the Blackhawks world: Hossa is God, Sharp is handsome, Kane is shuffling, Toews is MVP, and the Swedes each get a meatball.

Photo Source: Chicago Tribune

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seabrook vs Chimera

Recap of Blackhawks' Recaps:

The Blackhawks lost to the Capitals in overtime, after Captain MVP tied the game 3-3 with a power play goal in the last 40 seconds left in regulation. I'm not writing a recap due to pure laziness, so here ya go:

Videos: Blackhawks Visit the White House

See more videos from their visit on Blackhawks TV:
-White House Visit: Patrick Kane
-White House Visit: Jonathan Toews
-Hawks Shower President Obama with Gifts
-Michelle Obama talks Hawks and Let's Move!
-White House Visit: John McDonough

Articles: Blackhawks Visit the White House

-President Obama: "It was a team built around people like Coach Q, who brought years of experience and focus to the bench. Players like 22-year-old captain Jonathan Toews, who lit up the ice on his way to being named playoff MVP. (Applause.) There's Patrick Kane, who scored the biggest goal in franchise history in the overtime to win the Cup. (Applause.) And when Duncan Keith had seven of his teeth knocked out by a puck -- seven -- some of you guys there, you're missing a few, he's missing seven at one time -- but he bit down on some gauze, took a shot of Novocain, and headed right back out onto the ice. (Applause.) They did all this for their fans. And along the way, they helped Chicago become a hockey town again."
ChicagoSun-Times: Obama honors Blackhawks at White House. Transcript, photo gallery

-Coach Q: "It makes you want to win the Cup again. This was the culmination of the celebration. We should all feel fortunate to be here. But at the same time once you win it, you can't wait to do it again." Hawks savor visit to White House

-President Obama: "We've hosted a lot of teams at the White House over the last two years, but this one is a little sweeter. It's pretty special. That's because it is the first time as president I get to say congratulations on bringing a world championship to my hometown, the city of Chicago."
ChicagoTribune: Blackhawks honored at White House

-Rocky: “We had more media at the White House than we used to have at games. Heck, we had a bigger crowd here than we used to have at games. I don’t know how you can top this.” The Verdict: Hard to top White House

Photos: Blackhawks Visit the White House

See more photos at Chicago Tribune (starts at 8) and the Blackhawks Website.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Videos: Blackhawks Visit Walter Reed

(Blackhawks TV)

Very cool of the Blackhawks. Another classy move by the organization.

Articles: Blackhawks Visit Walter Reed

-Kane: “Guys were 20, 21, 22 and you can’t imagine yourself in that situation. It makes you realize how fortunate you are that you can walk or write. It’s amazing to think all these guys who are injured have such a positive outlook on life. They’re special people.”
Myers: Bolland day-to-day, doubtful Sunday

-Scott: "I'm not going to complain as much as I used to. You know hockey players, we say, 'Oh my legs are sore, I hit the post, I'm so down on myself'— that's nothing. These guys went through hell and back and now they're here with a smile on their face and are joking around. What we're going through pales in comparison with what they are."
Hawks have life-changing experience visiting troops

-Toews: “You know, we think we make sacrifices. And then you come here and learn what real sacrifices are. These are such young people whose bodies have been changed forever. Yet their spirit is terrific. They don’t feel sorry for themselves. They just move on. I’ve learned a lot here today. It’s been amazing. I’ve never spent a day quite like this and I’m not going to forget it. I hope none of us will.”
The Verdict: A very important off-day

Photos: Blackhawks Visit Walter Reed

See more photos here.

Blackhawks with Obama

This is awesome
More later...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kubina Suspended Three Games

Kubina has been suspended three games for his elbow hit on Bolland in last night's game. (source) Watch the hit here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunburnt in Florida

Starters: Bickell, Bolland, Hossa, and Keith/Seabrook
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Campbell (lower body injury, which came out of no where), Hendry, and Stalberg (bad hair day?)

Kane tried out for Peter Pan with the help of Ohlund, who sent Kane flying along the boards. The Lightning struck first with a goal by Stamkos. Yes, he is in fact good. Kane scored his 23rd goal of the season and tied the game 1-1. Then Tampa took back the lead on a turnover with 16 seconds left in the first. And they prove the saying "lightning never strikes the same place twice" is false.

The Lightning furthered their lead 3-1 with a backhand goal for Purcell. The score was just too ugly for Sharp, so he put a touch of handsome on it with a goal of his own. Scott was surprising everyone by making some nice plays. He also almost scored. Radio feed: "If Scott scored there, we're all going out to dinner on him." Crawford robbed Stamkos of a goal late in the second. He went flying on his highlight save. Bolland didn't play in the second, then later was announced with an upper body injury. He was elbowed in the head at the beginning of the game, which was not called by the refs. Hope Bolland is okay (as well as Soupy)! There's no doubt that headshots are a major concern in the NHL. (TorontoSun: Air Canada threathens NHL over headshots)

Toews proved all good things come in threes. He tied the game 3-3 with his third point in the third period. It was a high energy game and it was turned up another notch going into overtime. The kind of feeling where you feel like you're breathing through a straw and it would have been nice if you were wearing a diaper.

The game eventually went to a shoot out. The Lightning decided to bring out questionable fancy moves. But according to St. Louis, he was just trying to have fun with his shoot out winner. (source) Crawford took the high road and kept it classy, "(officials) think they made the right decision so we just have to live with that.." (source)

The refs need to give up making shitty calls for Lent.

The Blackhawks lose 4-3 in a shootout. They got one point. Time to go clean the shit out of your pants and let's go meet the President! Apparently, the sun isn't good for the Hawks with two straight losses in Florida. Hopefully, Washington D.C. is nice and gloomy for them.

I wonder if Obama will bow for Toews...

Photo Source: Blackhawks Website

All Good Things Must Come To An End

The Blackhawks' winning streak ended at eight last night with a 3-2 loss to the Panthers. The way to look at it: The Blackhawks actually had something to lose. What a great streak of games!

The Hawks were non-existent in their terrible first period. And they couldn't overcome their slow start or score the tying goal. However, they certainly tried by picking up their play and outshooting the Panthers for the next two periods.

It wasn't only the Hawks' streak that ended, but Crawford's too. He was clearly tired, which is understandable. To give Crawford some much needed rest, Turco came into the game and shut it down. The Hawks two goals came from Santa and his head elf in the second period.

The Hawks keep it going tonight against the Lightning. It's time for a new streak to start at 6:30pm on Versus!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Around the UC:

-Coach Q on Frolik: “I thought his overall game was kind of what we were looking for. Now he seems to have the puck a lot more and he’s dangerous when he’s in front or around the net.”
Hawks' Frolik 'playing well' as he returns to Florida

"Goaltender Cristobal Huet, along with former Chicago defenseman Brent Sopel, will accompany the Blackhawks to the White House when they are honored for their 2010 Stanley Cup championship on Friday."
Cristobal Huet flies in for ceremony

-"The Hawks have risen to fourth in the West on the strength of an eight-game winning streak, during which he has 13 points while going plus-6. It's the kind of performance every team hopes for from its captain – stepping up when he’s needed most."
Toews leading Hawks' postseason push

-Coach Q: “Both are expected to play. They should be fine.”
Keith, Hjalmarsson expected to play Tuesday

The ghost of Patrick Kane haunts Flyers Cup prep championship

-Crawford: “We’re a pretty loose bunch in here, but we’re also very focused. It’s a key factor for us. We’re also very competitive. Every game it seems like we’re giving our best — and with the talent we have, we have good chances of winning.”
Hawks see plenty of positives, but know it's no time to be satisfied

Anything you can do, I can do better (real Blackhawks vs junior Blackhawks)