Friday, March 18, 2011

Around the UC:

-Stalberg: ‘‘I probably won’t knock anyone down too much, but I’ve got to finish my check and make sure we’re coming every time and make their defensemen watch over their shoulders one more time. Little things like that can create a lot of opportunities for other guys, too.’’
Viktor Stalberg trying to get more physical for Hawks

-Turco: "The ability to pick yourself up is probably just as important, if not more important, than riding the wave of confidence. This team certainly needs to do that. That's going to be our main priority and thought process going into the next one or it's going to happen again against another tight defensive team."
Hawks have their work cut out

-Bowman: "I realized I had a passion for sports all along, and wanted to get into hockey. I know some people might have the perception that I ended up getting into the game because of my dad, but I know the truth and know that he really didn't exert any influence at all in making it happen. I worked my way up here, and started here 10 or 11 years ago when my dad was still coaching in Detroit."
Blackhawks GM Stan is becoming a bona fide Bowman

-Toews: “A couple of guys consider themselves leaders of this team, whether they wear a letter or not, and we weren’t good enough tonight. Those guys, and we know who we are, will respond. And the rest of the guys will follow. That’s how our team works.”
Hawks still soul-searching after humiliation

-Scott: “I’m a big guy. I don’t have the foot speed the other guys do so I have to get in good position. I have to use my smarts and hockey sense so I don’t get beat.”
Injuries slowing down Hawks

Dear Blackhawks Media

-My good friend
Queen Crash has started to create some pretty awesome NHL posters. Check out all her work here!

-You can't go wrong mixing hockey with baseball! Photos from the Chicago Blackhawks Alumni Softball game with Skille and Stalberg awhile back here.

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