Friday, March 25, 2011

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-Seabrook on being the number one star: “It’s cool. It’s a pretty cool thing. It’s whatever.”
Title belt tells it all for Seabrook, Keith

-Bowman on Bolland: ‘‘We’re always hopeful these things can progress quickly. It’s really hard to say. There’s been a lot talked about these kind of injuries. You just don’t know. It can be a rapid progression, or it can be slower. We’re optimistic, but at this point it’s just wait-and-see.’’
Dave Bolland's recovery slow, but Bowman hopeful

-Bowman on Crawford: “We’ve reached out and we’re gonna try to do something here. The timing is delicate and you don’t want it to become a distraction but we certainly have an interest in trying to get something done. I think he’s performed very well for us this year. Looking back from where he’s come – not only having a foothold in the NHL at the beginning, when he started a handful of games, but watching his progression as he’s gotten more responsibility, he’s risen to the challenge. That’s what you look for in goaltenders. When they get the increased workload, can they handle it? He’s kind of unflappable and doesn’t get rattled by much. I think that’s a strength of his. He’s obviously talented. He’s got the physical capabilities, but the mental side is important as well, and he’s been rock-solid for us.”
Hawk Talk: Team looking to lock up Crawford

-Skille: “To be honest, this was really awkward, being on the other side of things. There are a lot of good fans out there, saw some signs with my name on it and that was nice. It was nerve-wracking at the start, but I kind of got the hang of it as the game went on. I know how these fans are; they either love you or hate you. And they’re very competitive. I was wondering how I would be received, and they showed a lot of class. I commend them for that.’’
Florida Panthers' Jack Skille grateful for reception in Chicago

-Stalberg: "Sharpie obviously brings his scoring and great abilities, but I have to bring something else. I have to bring what I can: play a pretty simple game, go hard to the net and try to create some more space for them with my speed."
Stalberg's confidence, aggressiveness on rise

-Coach Q: “It’s been a very amazing race. We just know we have to take care of own business. Watching other games it’s almost like you get the worst-case scenario, but that’s the way it’s been going with all the 3-point games."
Hawks may need more than 96 to make playoffs

-Coach Q: "There's nothing new on Bolland -- status quo. The uncertainty is the part that leaves you a little bit concerned. (But) things can change quickly."
Blackhawks' Quenneville on Bolland: 'Status quo'

-Dowell: “I can always improve on things. It’s something you learn on the fly, playing against some of the top-end forwards on the other teams and things you can and can’t get away with.”
Jake Dowell prepares for new role as fourth-line wing

Behind the scenes: Blackhawks take team photo (video)

Bowman on Kruger and Meet Marcus Kruger

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