Friday, March 11, 2011

Articles: Blackhawks Visit Walter Reed

-Kane: “Guys were 20, 21, 22 and you can’t imagine yourself in that situation. It makes you realize how fortunate you are that you can walk or write. It’s amazing to think all these guys who are injured have such a positive outlook on life. They’re special people.”
Myers: Bolland day-to-day, doubtful Sunday

-Scott: "I'm not going to complain as much as I used to. You know hockey players, we say, 'Oh my legs are sore, I hit the post, I'm so down on myself'— that's nothing. These guys went through hell and back and now they're here with a smile on their face and are joking around. What we're going through pales in comparison with what they are."
Hawks have life-changing experience visiting troops

-Toews: “You know, we think we make sacrifices. And then you come here and learn what real sacrifices are. These are such young people whose bodies have been changed forever. Yet their spirit is terrific. They don’t feel sorry for themselves. They just move on. I’ve learned a lot here today. It’s been amazing. I’ve never spent a day quite like this and I’m not going to forget it. I hope none of us will.”
The Verdict: A very important off-day

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