Monday, March 14, 2011

The Luck of the Green Hats

Starters: Pisani, Dowell, Bickell, and Keith/Leddy
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Bolland, Campbell, and Hendry

Pisani kicked off PI day with a boarding penalty. Johnson joined in on the fun with a hooking penalty. Sharks had a 5 on 3 and Versteeg's twin scored first. The Hawks finished off the kill and went straight to the power play. Eager and Scott started chirping each other, but Scott is literally too much man for Eager. Stalberg channeled his inner baseball player and took the puck out of mid-air to feed Niemi a meatball. Game tied 1-1.

Kane drew a hooking penalty, after a decent feed by Scott. But at the end of the Blackhawks power play the Sharks scored to take back the lead 2-1 to end the first.

The Hawks started the second on the power play (Frolik, hooking). Sometimes we have to ask ourselves this question: What if God was one of us? Just a Blackhawks player tying a game 2 to 2. Another power play for the Hawks and another god reference! Hossa put the Hawks on top 3-2. Thank God, Thank Hossa. Here comes the guaranteed Toews' goal, because that's what MVPs do. They also score 30 goals. The Blackhawks scored and Niemi was taken out. Or in other words: Niemi said yes and the Blackhawks said bye.

The Hawks have a Shark too. A Hammer head shark. The Hawks added on a fifth meatball to the score. Kane wrapped up the second with his 100th goal. Congrats to Kane! Now cue the Kaner shuffle. Sharp had FOUR assists in the period, which tied him for a franchise record. Hossa was a goal away from a hat trick on green hat night. I just kept picturing Hossa turning the ice green with hats and then magically turning into a leprechaun while doing his goal celebration dance. McHossa photoshop coming soon.

The Blackhawks are now Niklas Hjalmarsson in the standings with their 6-3 win over the Sharks. And five straight home wins. All is right in the Blackhawks world: Hossa is God, Sharp is handsome, Kane is shuffling, Toews is MVP, and the Swedes each get a meatball.

Photo Source: Chicago Tribune

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