Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Flames 6-4

Starters: Sharp, Toews, Kane, and Keith/Leddy
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Scott and Pisani

Frolik tried to start off the game with his first goal as a Blackhawk, but was taken down on his breakaway attempt. Blackhawks got on the board first with a goal from Toews 1-0. The definition of "Kane to Sharp to Toews": gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, spectacular, fabulous, etc. To sum it up: great fucking hockey. I just have to say it again and a million more times: There's good hockey players. There's great hockey players. There's Jonathan Toews. Also, there's hockey players with the same name as a pizza place, Giordano. The Flames lit their match with a power play goal to tie the game 1-1. Brouwer went down after he went face first into the glass. He went to the locker room, but came back out in the second. Frolik finally got his goal. I think it's safe to say he was the happiest guy on the ice. Nothing like breaking the ice with your first goal on a new team.

Seabrook will kill you. He got feisty with Jackman. I heard he just looked at Jackman and gave him that black eye. Seabrook later turned Giordano into thin crust with a big hit. Kane scoring opportunity came on a half spin-o-rama, but no goal. You always have to go full spin on those, Kane. I honestly don't even know what to say about Toews anymore. I'm speechless. He scored his second goal of night 4-1. Fight: Stalberg vs Pizza. What was that loud noise you heard? Just thousands of girls screaming "not the face!"

Calgary had a goalie change, which took Foley a good amount of the third to realize it. The Flames came out strong with lots of chances and the Hawks were looking sloppy. Bolland gave the Hawks some breathing room 5-3, but the Flames came back with another goal. Frolik basically picked up the puck and put it on Hossa's stick for an empty netter. Hossa has five straight games with a goal.

The Blackhawks win 6-4! Six wins in a row. Two points for tonight. Fourth place in the West. Congrats to Frolik for the second star of the game. Also, the first star of the game will now be called Toews of the game. The United Center greeted him with MVP chants.

Lastly, my nephew witnessed his first Blackhawks win and he's only a few hours old. Yup, the Blackhawks gained a new fan today!


  1. love the pic you posted with Seabs throwing a punch!
    [Wandys ]

  2. Thanks, it's my favorite photo of him.