Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Yotes 2-1

Starters: Toews, Kane, Sharp, and Seabrook/Hammer
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Bolland and Campbell

This has probably been said before, but it needs to be said again: Arena might be the worst name of a stadium ever.

A.J. Pierzynski dropped the puck before the game. Once the puck dropped, he immediately switched his hat to a Blackhawks one. Just one of the many reasons he's awesome.

There was so many Blackhawks fans at Arena that cheers were heard during the national anthem.

The Blackhawks came into the game trying to go all "Inception" on us by erasing the last game from our memories. And they did that by getting two points and Crawford doing his best Leonardo Dicaprio impression by leading them to a huge win.

Keith put the Blackhawks on the board first with a power play goal. Side note: speaking of Keith, welcome back defense! I see you blocking shots like it's your job. Side note over. Before the power play, Sharp went down and was helped off the ice. He went knee to knee with a Coyote. He was a no show for the second. What was that? I can't hear you! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

The Coyotes tied the game 1-1 late in the second. The puck went off of Leddy's skate. So I guess this would be a good time to say, Happy Birthday Leddy! By the way, how annoying is that howl? Almost as annoying as having to say Arena.

At the start of the third, we were all greeted with the news that Sharp was not coming back for the rest of the game. This is just one of Sharp's pranks for BHTV, right? Right, guys?

Campoli! Ravioli! Cannoli! The Blackhawks took back the lead for the final time 2-1. Congrats to Campoli on his first goal as a Blackhawk. Crawford kept the Blackhawks in the game till the final minutes of the third. The Coyotes unloaded everything they had left on him, but he didn't break.

It was a big 2-1 win for the Blackhawks against the Coyotes. They snatched up two points and took fifth place in the standings.

Cross your fingers, cross your toes, say your prayers (or whatever you do) that Sharp will be okay!
The Blackhawks take on the Panthers next on Wednesday.

Photo Sources: Chicago Tribune and

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