Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Points For You, Blackhawks. You Go, Blackhawks!

Yes, I realize the Mean Girls joke is so over done, but that's all I got.

Starters: Toews, Kane, Stalberg, and Hammer/Campoli.
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Scott and Bolland
Soupy was back.
Kruger was in the line-up as number 16.
Seabrook wore the "A" for the second time this season. What a whore. And that's my second Scarlet Letter joke of the season.

To start the game, Stalberg crashed the net to honor Skille. He did his best Luis Mendoza impression by skating fast to the net and not being able to stop. He took out Vokoun and the net. He also drew a hooking penalty on the play for a Blackhawks' power play. The camera quickly showed Stalberg with his helmet off and suddenly every TV in Chicago was behind from being rewound and paused.

Not much happened in the first. The Blackhawks were creating chances, but Vokoun was on his game against the Hawks as always. At one point the puck ended up on top of the net and Brouwer ended up in the net. There was also a Sharp sighting and his head was seen on several sticks along the glass. Would anyone like handsome on a stick?

Skille tripped Seabrook to kick off or should I say trip off the second. Shame on him. But thanks for the power play and miss you. Kane almost had one, but Vokoun saved it with the very tip of his skate. Hossa caused a scare by leaving for the locker room in the middle of the second, after he collided with a Panther. Imagine if it was real panther. Yikes. Anyway, he was back out on the ice just a few minutes later. Maybe he had to pee. God has to pee too, people.

Up until this moment, the Hawks' power play had been ppp, poopy power play.

Wait for it, wait for it...


I can't celebrate a Seabrook goal (in words) any other way. Now try pronouncing Seabrook like that, because I know you want to. Biscuit put the biscuit in the basket.

Kane to Toews to Stalberg 2-0. Welcome to the top line, Stalberg! With Stalberg's goal, the camera guy had an excuse to camera stalk him. Hossa and Kopecky wrapped the game up in a bromance hug and gave the Hawks a 4-0 lead. And congrats to Kruger on his first penalty! Props to him for jumping in the game straight off the plane from Sweden.

Blackhawks won 4-0 against the Panthers! Crawford with his fourth shutout of the season!

Two points for Kane. Two points Toews. Two points for Keith. Two points for Seabrook. Two points for the Blackhawks!

Stars of the game:
1. Seabrook
2. Toews
3. Crawford

Photo Source: Chicago Tribune

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  1. No such thing as overdone Mean Girls jokes!