Friday, April 29, 2011

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-"Canucks general manager Mike Gillis has been fined by the NHL for complaining about the officiating in Vancouver's first-round playoff series win over the Blackhawks."
Canucks GM fined for complaints about officiating

-Toews: "It's just tiring to think about. It was a battle the whole way. Your fans expect you to make it all the way back and there's nothing tougher than that. You play 82 games and make the playoffs the last game of the year and you have to feel like there's some fate in that it might mean some bigger, better things. It's frustrating. It's going to be a long summer."
Hawks reflect on what might have been

-Kane: “It’s always nice to have someone that can fight and someone that’s a force on the ice that can also play. I think going forward that would be nice to have.”
More toughness? Hawks wouldn't mind

Who will the Blackhawks keep? Who will go?

-Sharp: "I'd sign right now if you guys have a contract for me."
Re-signing Crawford top priority for Hawks

-Keith: “I didn’t feel worn out ever. When you don’t get the start that I wanted, it was frustrating, and sometimes I would let frustration get to me a little bit too much and it would affect my play. I think that more than anything stood out more than when people looked at it as though I was tired.”
No surprise injuries arise for Hawks

Eulogy: Remembering the 2010-11 Chicago Blackhawks

-Kane: "I think overall, next year, I just want to take the next step in my game and maybe become one of the top players in the League. To be honest with you, it was a really up-and-down season for the team's sake, for my sake and even in the playoffs, too. We kind of put ourselves in a hole and almost got ourselves out of it, but that's a tough one to dig back from."
Hawks already looking toward new season

-Bowman on Crawford: "It's one thing to be given a chance to be the No. 1 goalie, but then take it and run with like he did. He's a guy we're going to focus on right out of the gate. Knowing he's there makes everybody on the team comfortable."
Bowman: Re-signing Crawford top priority

-Kruger: "It's huge for me to come here and play and see how everything is. It's a bit different from back home. I take steps every day."
For Smith and Kruger, playoffs an invaluable experience

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Congrats to Toews!

He was announced as a finalist for the Selke Trophy today. It's his first nomination for the Selke.
Read more here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Toews' Tying Goal

Go Out With A Bang And Corey Crawford

The Blackhawks ended their season with one of the most exciting and dramatic series ever. It's hard to complain when the Hawks came back, down 3-0 and took the series to game seven. And this was the team that needed another team to even get them in the playoffs. Corey Crawford better walk out of the locker room tonight with the championship belt over his shoulder for the rest of the summer.

Just when it looked like the Hawks would lose game seven by one point, Jonathan Toews happened. The way the series was going it shouldn't have been a surprise. Anything could happen.

In the first, Kesler fed the puck to Burrows to give the Canucks a 1-0 lead for the next three periods. The Canucks controlled the start of the game with energy and determination. Kesler was hit with a shot to the visor. I have a feeling he won't ever play without it again. The Blackhawks eventually settled down and put pressure on the Canucks with lots of shots. Toews led the scoring opportunities for his team, but couldn't seem to finish. The period ended with a nice kill by the Hawks.

The second turned into the Corey Crawford show. The puck went in the net for the Hawks, after the whistle. Quick whistle. Can't let one whistle define your game, though. Did anyone else see the replay of Bolland's head in the ass of a Canucks player and then he pulled his head out and his helmet fell off? It was random and hilarious. The Hawks received their first power play and yikes. However, there was one player who was great on the power player: Crawford. The Canucks completely dominated at the end and were firing shots at Crawford for over a minute. But nothing was getting past him.

Burrows took a penalty shot, after he was taken down by Keith on a breakaway. No goal. He was denied by Crawford. Vancouver fans started to chant, "Crawford!" They really need to learn the appropriate time to chant the other goalie's name. Smith had a close opportunity with Kruger by his side. And make that another huge save for Crawford. Three right after one another. The third was coming to a close and it seemed like the Hawks were done when Keith went to the box. Then...

Jonathan Toews. Jonathan Toews. JONATHAN TOEWS!

There couldn't have been a better time for the Captain to get his goal. Insane. Completely crazy. I guess if you're going to go out, go out with a bang!

Overtime: Burrows scored and the Canucks won 2-1. The outcome wasn't what we wanted, but still an awesome game to watch. We were treated to some of the best playoff hockey games.

Another great season for the Blackhawks! Gotta be proud of the boys! It's going to take all summer for my heart to go back to it's normal rate.

See more photos from the game here: Chicago Tribune.

Dave Bolland Facts:

A new hashtag started on Twitter today: #DaveBollandFacts
Here's just a sample of the awesomeness:

Dave Bolland's calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd because NO ONE fools Dave Bolland#DaveBollandFacts

@helltruk He wasnt injured. He skated into the future then had to wait 6 weeks for the world to catch up to him#DaveBollandFacts

@wilkinson81 Dave Bolland destroyed the Periodic Table of Elements. The only element he believes in is the element of surprise. #davebollandfacts

@khateeb88 The Cubs haven't won in over 100 years because Dave Bolland doesn't have time to play baseball.#DaveBollandFacts

@jayc4life Greedo saw Dave Bolland across the Mos Eisley Cantina bar and turned his gun on himself.#DaveBollandFacts

@InToewsWeTrust Davy Jones' locker is in Dave Bolland's locker room. #DaveBollandFacts

@forksvschopstic Chuck Norris checks under his bed for Dave Bolland. #DaveBollandFacts

@js48691 Planet Earth doesn't spin on its own, it spins as Dave Bolland walks. #daveBollandFacts

@xDontToewsMeBro Jesus once saw Dave Bolland's face in his tortilla. #DaveBollandFacts

@xDontToewsMeBro Dave Bolland can win a game of Connect Four in three moves. #DaveBollandFacts

@jimfcook Waldo told Dave Bolland where he was#DaveBollandFacts

@Bytor2112 Dave Bolland doesn't eat honey, he chews bees....#DaveBollandFacts

@D_thevoice Dave Bolland CAN eat only one Lay's potato chip... #DaveBollandFacts

@xDontToewsMeBro Dave Bolland can speak braille.#DaveBollandFacts

@GoodLuckGriff Dave Bolland can gargle peanut butter#DaveBollandFacts

@xDontToewsMeBro Superman wears Dave Bolland pajamas.#DaveBollandFacts

@HockeySavants Dave Bolland can kill penalties, on the bench#DaveBollandFacts

You can read and laugh more here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Hockey News: Jake Dowell

The Hockey News sat down with Jake Dowell to talk about Huntington's Disease in his family.

(Stick Tap to RunsOnDuncan)

Bickell Out

Bickell will be out six to eight weeks recovering from surgery. He had surgery on his wrist today. Not only was he probably playing through pain, but he scored a goal. That's a hockey player for you!

Team physician Dr. Michael Terry:
Bryan Bickell underwent surgery today with our hand surgeon, Dr. Weidrich, to repair a tendon lacerated during Game 2 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals. While the surgery was anticipated since the injury occurred, Bryan wanted to play as long as possible before time ran out to complete the procedure appropriately. We anticipate a full recovery in approximately six-to-eight weeks.” (source: Blackhawks statement regarding forward Bryan Bickell)

Get well soon!

You can read more on Bickell here.

-Travel day videos: Ben Smith, Game 7 (Kane), Vancouver's Goalies (Kane), Looking Back (Coach Q) and Gaining Stream (Coach Q).

-New Desktop Wallpaper, click here.

-HockeySyrup: OH MAH GAH

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ben Smith's WGN Post-Game Interview:


Ben Smith's Goal:

Frolik's Penalty Shot:

Disney Produced: Hawks vs Canucks

Relive every glorious moment of the game in glorious photos. Do it. Click here!

The Blackhawks made it into the playoffs, because of another team (still love you, Wild). They went down 3-0 in the series (if you could even call it that). Then they gave us two amazing (understatement) games in a row. They made it a series. Then tonight happened.

I'm literally speechless from tonight's game. All I can do is breathe in short little puffs when I want to describe the game. So my recap is going to be short and sweet, because all I want to write is: ahglsajdglsakdjglaskgj. That's what happened in my mind during most of the game and is still happening (because it was fucking unbelievable). Plus, let's be honest words don't fully describe how amazing it was (well most of it anyway).

Three Periods in a Nutshell:
We all know (maybe you don't) Luongo did not start the game, so it was some good ole Corey vs Cory action. Going into the second, the Hawks and Canucks were tied 1-1. A Sedin scored, which brings me to my brother's quote: "I hate that Sedin more than that Sedin or I don't know maybe that's the same Sedin." I think we've all been there before. Anyway, Bickell tied the game after a gigantic hit by Bolland, which forced a turnover. Speaking of Bolland, because let's be honest we're always speaking about Bolland these days, he was still a BAMF in tonight's game. I don't use those letters loosely either. In the second, the Hawks were on a 5 on 3. This was the moment of do or die. You score or you lose, right? The Hawks didn't score, they should of, but they didn't and still won. It was the kind of 5 on 3 that wasn't the "edge of your seat" kind, but the "butt hovering mid air, ready to jump up in celebration and then end up falling back with ooooh" kind. Actually, the whole game was like that. It's way more intense then the "edge of your seat." At some point, the Canucks took the lead 2-1, but Bolland wasn't going to settle for that, because he's not the bitch. He tied the game 2-2. It's Bolly bitch. Such a nice ring to it. Next came Frolik's penalty shot/Don't bother making a "History will be made" commercial because I just made it. He had the first ever penalty shot goal of the playoffs in Blackhawks history. As if things couldn't get any better or anymore interesting, Luongo came out. No not that kind of coming out, he came out into the net. Fast forward to the last minute of the game. It was heart pounding. It was stuff that only could be described in a Disney produced sports movie, but it was real life. Don't worry they had their Disney movie ending, but what's a movie without the dramatic ending of overtime? It felt like a final Cup game.

The Torture:
I had no choice. I had to head back to the city during overtime. I had to listen to overtime in the car on the radio. Forget paper cuts between your fingers. Forget getting punched in the face repeatedly. Forget having to look at the Sedin's faces. Real torture is having to listen to one of the most important games of the year on the radio. Every time their voices went a little higher it was like a punch in the heart. Then just as the skyline, lit up red, was coming into the view. BEN SMITH SCORES rang through the car. UNBELIEVABLE. A list of every shocked word in the book. AHHHHHHHHH! Someone give Smith one of those five pound chocolate bunnies, because shit he deserves it. Also, Ben Smith's middle name is officially fucking. Ben Fucking Smith. BFS. Don't forget it.

Unreal. You know who's unreal? Corey Crawford. Damn, he came up big (as always).

I can't even imagine what game seven is going to be like. I literally won't be able to imagine since i'll probably be dead of a heart attack.

It all happens on Tuesday at 9pm.

Toews: “We have to feel like it’s meant to be. We have a great feeling in this locker room right now and that’s what you get when you win three games in a row. To steal the momentum from that team [after] going down 3-0 and fighting our way back into the series, anything can happen now.” (source)