Sunday, April 24, 2011

Around the UC: Happy Easter!

Seabrook is back (or resurrected)! Hopefully, he hides an egg or two in the Canucks' basket tonight.
Coach Q: "He's an important part of the team. His makeup and his leadership qualities are a big part of our team. Even though he wasn't playing, you could feel his presence around the locker room and in the guys."

-Brouwer: “He clipped me in the chin. I was unhappy about it but that’s playoff hockey.”

-Toews: “Scoring the amount of goals that we did in the last two games gives you a bit of swagger and . . . confidence, but we don’t want that to make us overconfident. We’ll use that to our own advantage but not be our own worst enemy because of it."

-Kane: “I’m sure being down 3-0 they didn’t expect us to come back into this position. Now we’re on home ice; we have the advantage. It should be a fun game."

-Campbell on Coach Q: "He came in here with a fresh attitude and said, 'Hey guys, let's get going here. Look what other teams have done and maybe you can follow in those teams' footsteps.' He boosted the morale in the locker room."

-Crawford on Luongo: “Obviously we expect him to bounce back and play hard, but we have to keep making it hard on him, keep going to the net and keep making those plays that we have.”

Crawford: “I’m just kind of going with the experience of this season and learning from that and carrying it into the playoffs. It’s the same game, just a little more intense."

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