Friday, April 1, 2011

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-Coach Q: “You’ve got to commend Marcus coming in here and giving us kind of a comparable player with (Bolland) with some skills. Every day you watch him and he’s growing on us and growing on me. He sees plays and his patience and recognition with the puck is impressive."
Quenneville likes Kruger's growing skills

-Bickell on the first line: “Those guys are unbelievable to play with. I just need to keep it simple and see how it goes from there.”
Bickell gets a shot as fill-in for Sharp

-Coach Q: “I would say we’re pretty quiet on the bench. I probably yell a lot – and I’m not yelling at the other players. That’s the voice I hear a lot, getting line combinations going. I don’t hear too much other stuff.”
Hawk Talk: Tension rising in playoff hunt

-Coach Q: "We'll get a reassessment on Sunday and we could see him on the ice next week."
Quenneville: Sharp on track for return next week

-Jonathan and David Toews' Mom: "David is very proud of Jonathan and Jonathan is very proud of David. They have a very good connection and a great relationship. I was just talking to Jonathan before you called and he was asking about David and said he would try and watch one of the next few games on the Internet if he had the chance. I'm sure David gets tired sometimes of being introduced as Jonathan's little brother but he has his own life and his own hockey and his own dreams."
Not a brother's burden

-Scott on Thornton: "He's Mr. Tough Guy and he's trying to challenge Pisani. If I'm in the lineup, he's more than welcome to come chirp at me. I'll kick the (bleep) out of him."
Blackhawks' Scott on Thornton chirping complaint: 'I'll kick the (bleep) out of him'

-"Also losing Thursday was the Los Angeles Kings, 3-1, to Vancouver. They have 94 points as do the Nashville Predators, who won 3-2 in Colorado. Both are four points ahead of the Hawks while Anaheim remains three ahead. No matter what happens Friday night the Hawks can't move up or down in the standings but can inch closer to clinching a playoff spot with a victory. If the postseason started today the Hawks would take on the President Trophy winning Vancouver Canucks in the opening round of the playoffs."
Playoff update: Things break Hawks' way

Best way to get prom date? Have Boston Bruins ask her

It's April Fool's Day in the NHL, too

Cooking with Savy

Patrick Kane Helmet Cam

-New Desktop Wallpaper for April:

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