Sunday, April 17, 2011

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-Bolland: "I'm progressing. Things are going good. Now it's just keeping it on a baseline, keeping it straight and making sure there's no other symptoms -- making sure nothing is coming back. You're going to have your ups and downs, but I still have to be positive, come to the rink and do everything I can to come back. Everything for me is staying positive."
Bolland could be back in the lineup for Game 4

-Toews: "We still don’t feel like we’ve played our best game yet. We’ve looked at some things in both games we didn’t do so well, and we can’t wait any longer to correct those mistakes.”
Toews: Hawks haven't played best yet

-Brouwer: "It doesn't work that way. It gets pricey, that's for sure, but it doesn't really matter how much they are. It's playoffs and I want them to be at the games. I wish my grandma, who lives in Victoria, could come over, too, but she's 80 years old and sometimes she just can't."
Brouwers focus on hockey, less on health

-Scott: "I'll definitely be there at some point in the game, causing chaos for Luongo. I'm jacked this is my first playoff game. I've been around a little bit with Minnesota, but this is my first game. I'm pretty excited. It will be a good time."
John Scott in for Blackhawks; Bickell, Kopecky out with injuries

-Toews: “When things are going well your star players are going to get a lot of credit, but when things aren’t going as well they’re going to take the heat. It’s absolutely fair. We need to be better.”
With pressure on, Hawks vow to respond

Two-nothing, Two-Shmothing

Hey, Beardman: Blackhawks playoffs beardoff

-Toews: "I'm not going to get into any mental category where I feel like it's not going my way and not going in. It's the playoffs, whether you're getting bounces or not, you have to keep working and not cry about it and just find a way."
Toews remains doggedly determined

-Bieksa: "When a guy 6-8 challenges you that can't skate? Usually you say no and you go around him and score."
Canucks unfazed by Hawks using enforcer Scott

-Smith: “There is pressure, of course, especially now in the playoffs. But this is what you work your whole life for, to play in this type of pressure. You want to know if you belong. The guys on this team have made me feel I do. It’s really a great group. They’ve definitely helped me feel comfortable, and this is exciting, competing at this level. But we’re still down 2-0 in this series.”
Between The Dots: Smith's future looks big league

-"But Tomas Kopecky, out since Game 1 with an upper-body injury, is not participating in the skate. In fact the Hawks included winger Jeff Taffe, a postseason roster addition from Rockford, in the morning workout."
Bickell back, Kopecky missing at Blackhawks skate

-Kane: ‘‘You always want to do more in a series like this. Obviously, when you only have three goals in a series and you look at the guys that have scored them, they’re newer guys that are stepping up. The guys that were here last year and the year before . . . this is big-time. It might be our time to step up now.’’
Hawks' stars need a solution for Ryan Kesler
New Blackhawks Magazine: Defending the Cup

Campoli on Game 3
Hjalmarsson on Sunday's game

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