Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blackhawks vs Canadiens in 140 Characters


I missed the game tonight, because of a night class. Apparently, professors don't count the last week of the regular season as a holiday break. Who knew?

Anyway, I asked the Twitter world to recap the game for me in one tweet and this is what I received...

@QueenCrash FUCK. That's my recap analysis.

@Westnile2 Goaltending grudge match, advantage Price. 0 for 5 PP. 1 goal in last 2 games = Need Sharp & Bolland back. #BrouwerHurtNowToo

@Wahlsflower Sleepwalked through 1.5 Craw saved em Price spectacular in 3rd Kane's 300th pt Brouwer down Still dislike PK Subban #sumsitup

@Artloverx3 There were bad timing of penalties. It was really just a duel of the goalies. Crawford kept us alive during the whole game.

@Toews Kane & Cammalleri goals. Amazing saves from both goalies. Injured Brouw. PK Subbitch dives on Toews & gets game-winning goal.

@Sviatko Price/Crawford stood on their heads and bad penalty gave Habs pp in OT, Crawford couldn't stop gwg. Booo.

@ChiHawks8819 Kane kicked ass. Crawford saved the day according to Foley. And Toews will be cursing up a storm for that OT shenanigans.

@Kelmay Hawks played hard, Kane goal/Seabs assist, Brouwer injured. Went to OT-Toews tripping penalty, Subban goal, Canadiens won 2-1

@Girlfriday19 Cammallieri prize, Kaner ties. Brouwer loses power, Craw says Naw. But Subban fakes, the Captain waits and Price takes the cake.

@Michelleabal This: RT @vesecky: #Crawford...how are your shoulders feeling from carrying the team tonight?

@Jmkobus Goalie duel all night. Toews with a stupid penalty in OT that leads to the game winner. Crawford and Price were amazing.

@Bobbyferg Crawf was stable, Kane was able but the #Hawks couldn't light the lamp again.

@Sledgehammah Basically the goalies should have been the only people allowed to play.

@Jayson_Bryant Goalies kept both teams, in what was a terrific game. Only marred by a revlon call in overtime!

@Hannahtrum Corey Crawford is a Saint and a Ninja.

@HockeySavants Refs gifted several PP to MTL. Subban is a bitch. Crawf was amazing.

@Forksvschopstic Hawks fall. Subban is a diving jerk. Goalie Bonanza. Crawford for Calder.

@Beachpig Crawford: "Ride me to the Postseason!" #Blackhawks: "We just don't want to..."

@Mybueno THREE WORDS: Goalies were AMAZING!

@CannoliCampoli Crawford was a beast, our pk still sucks, at least we got one point.

@The_FFF Weak 1st & 1st half of the 2nd, strong rest of the game, all goalies

@KC_Gulbro Over 20 shots in third period and no goals. Price was a prince. Misses the penalty - past he game and a must win = conspiracy

Thanks to those who tweeted! The Blackhawks get right back into it tomorrow against the Blues!

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