Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blackhawks vs Lightning

Toews: "Regardless of the standings and all that other stuff, we've got to be pushing to be a better team."

This is recap is going to be bland and boring like the Blackhawks loss to the Lightning. Where's the fire in these boys? It's the final countdown (Do da do do do...). I don't want to sound cheesy and start pulling 80's songs out of my ass, but they gotta show up and show they care. Show that they want this.

Things got started when Hammer was called for delay of game, after he put the puck over the glass. Just seven seconds into the Lightning power play, Lecavalier scored to the put the Bolts up 1-0.

The Hawks welcomed the second with a four minute penalty kill. Frolik was caught highsticking Lecavalier and making him bleed. He left the game. It quickly changed to 4 on 4 when the Bolts were called for interference. To end the second, the Hawks were leading in shots 18-8 even though they were losing 1-0.

In the third, the Hawks received a power play and then the power play was over. Seabrook was just being his cool, badass self. He let his body do the talking by slamming Downie down. So basically his fist said "sit the fuck down." The guy wasn't even worth fighting, good move by Mr. Seabrook. Then there was another power play and then the power play was over again.

As the third came to a close, Crawford was taken out. The lightning struck once more on an empty net and won 2-0. The Hawks lose and get no points. Mike Smith stepped up big for the Lightning and the Hawks just couldn't get past him. The Hawks are still in eighth despite wins by Calgary and Dallas tonight. Next up is the Canadiens on Tuesday!

As I wrap this up, the Chicago sky is being lit up with lightning. How fitting...

I leave you with Seabrook laying down Downie:

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  1. I got the same vibe from this game too. It's like they don't want to make it to the playoffs. I do hope I'm proven wrong though.