Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chelsea, Chelsea I believe

The Blackhawks beat Detroit on Friday, but couldn't do the same today. Their fate landed in the gloves of the Minnesota Wild. With their playoff hopes on the line, all the Blackhawks and Blackhawks' fans could do was wait...

Toews on the Wild vs Stars game: I don't even know if I can watch it." (source)

Before the game, I saw a guy on Michigan Ave. in a wolverine suit dancing for money. Toews? I guess Toews had a back up plan if their season ended today. And no I'm not kidding. There was actually a guy dressed up as wolverine dancing for money. However, I can not confirm if it was actually Toews.

Just as half of Blackhawks nation was about to die of heart attacks, the Wild sealed their win against the Stars with an empty netter!

THROW AWAY YOUR SHAVER, BOYS! THE BLACKHAWKS ARE HEADED TO THE PLAYOFFS! Also, looks like it's time to go buy some red hair dye and keep up the tradition of red streaks for the playoffs. Feel free to join in, girls! No playoff beards for us. However, you could try a mullet?

There was just no way the Hockey Gods were going to give up the chance for a Chicago/Vancouver series. This gonna be a fun first round.

P.S. I take back every "Santa's little helpers" jokes I've ever said about the Wild.

Can you smell and feel it in the air? It's the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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