Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 26th Birthday Brent Seabrook!

(I proudly wear the number 7. That's me above taken by my lovely friend and photographer Corie Walsh)

Hopefully, the Blackhawks will continue to get lucky with the number 7 and play game 7 with number 7 in the line-up.

Here's one of Seabrook's very first videos as a Blackhawk. Also, my favorite video:

Happy Birthday, Biscuit!


  1. I forgot about this video. One of my favs as well. Let's go hawks tonight! What's your prediction? Or do you not want to jinx it?

    brother joe

  2. I'm actually feeling pretty good about tonight's game. If they can come out like they did last time, and get further into the heads of Vancouver, they could string together a couple of wins. Or at least make the series interesting.