Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hawks Avoid the Broom Bristles

It looked like I was going to miss the Blackhawks game tonight. It also looked like I was going to miss the last Blackhawks game of the season.

Wrong on both counts.

Thank Hossa, my professor is a Blackhawks fan. He put the our priorities in order by letting us out early instead of learning another chapter.

Enough about me. Let's get to the awesomeness of what happened tonight.

Due to my class, I missed the first period and the start of the second. Excuse me for my lack of detail those periods. Also, so much shit happened in the third I might forget a few details here and there.

As you all know, Seabrook did not play tonight and Bolland was back. But we all know he never really left. He's always there...(photo above)

Bickell scored first for the Blackhawks, but Salo tied the game 1-1 for the Canucks in the first. In the second, Kane fed the puck to Campbell to put the Blackhawks up 2-1. It was nice for Soups, who had just hit the post earlier in the period. Just 17 seconds later, Keith scored. I also heard Duncs did a little sticking up for his missing boyfriend. If so, I'm sad I missed it.

I'm in. I'm jumping on the catchphrase bandwagon of "it's Bolly bitch," because dammit, it is bolly bitch! He not only showed he could play after coming back from his concussion, but he showed he could play like a beast. He added another three points in the second to his assist on the Bickell goal in the first.

Bolland's partner in crime, Frolik, scored a few minutes later 5-1. Speaking of Frolik, he was interviewed on the radio during intermission. The most important question wasn't asked during the interview, it came after: What the hell was he saying? I literally have no idea what he said. No idea. It was hilarious. I wish I could show all of you how it sounded. However, I did catch "nice goal" and "Bolland is good." Too funny.

Intermission: The thunder wasn't only coming from in the United Center, but out of it. The storm was obviously just mother nature channeling the energy from the United Center. Do you hear it now? Nope, because the game is over. Point proven.

Another intermission side note: I have failed in teaching my roommate about hockey- "Is it the fourth quarter, yet?" This is the same one who thought there was nine periods in a game. I think I'm going to have to start as low as "Mighty Ducks" with this one and then work my way up to "Miracle" and throw some "Slap Shot" in the middle.

The third period started with a Vancouver penalty and I'm not sure it ever stopped. Sharp got the Hawks sixth goal on the power play. Scott made Glass pee his pants. I don't know if he actually did, but he certainly looked like he did. Glass almost went after Scott then realized he must be nearsighted, because Scott is a lot bigger up close. I wish his last name was Tanner instead of his first, then there would be a Full House joke.

Luongo was taken out and it became a battle of Corey vs Cory. At one point, I believe there was five Canucks in the box (correct me if I'm wrong). They were either all scared of Scott or all really dumb. I like to think both. Sharpy scored his second power play goal of the night. Seven goals for number seven on the night before his birthday. Scott was kicked out of the game and he didn't even know it. It didn't really matter since he took Torres out with him. It may haven't been the kind of "taken out" we wanted for Torres, but it will do.

Bieksa went at Stalberg in the end. It escalated into a fight with Stalberg leaving bloody. I know, I know "not the face!" I wonder if Sharp whispered to a bloodly Stalberg as he skated back, I will always be the handsome bitch in town.

Awww, Vancouver scored 7-2. How bromantic of the Canucks. Seabrook and Keith forever.

The Blackhawks won 7-2 and suddenly every Blackhawks fan has a date on Thursday at 9 for game five. The radio ended the game best: "Brent Seabrook this win was for you. Your teammates got it done."

Stars of the Game:
1. Bolland
2. Keith
3. Frolik

Post-Game Videos:

Vince Vaughn will always be cool and not for his movies, but for this photo: click here.

doot do dot doot do do do doot do do dooot doooooo...

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  1. I missed the game cause I had to study for finals. And they totally kicked ass. Seems like there's a correlation between the hawks winning and me not watching them... curses I tell you.