Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Canucks

I believe it's best to do this quick, like ripping off a band aid.

Keith scored a power play goal with Toews winning the face-off. It was the first point for both of them in the series. The Blackhawks received another power play on a penalty by Torres, who was coming off a suspension. We'll get back to him later. Bieksa was next in line to go to the box for elbowing and the Hawks had a 5 on 3. Vancouver killed it with some huge stops on Toews, Kane and Sharp. Coach Q also used the Hawks' time out during it. The period ended with the Hawks' fourth power play. Guess who made an appearance? Scott. Killed.

The Hawks went on their first penalty kill for interference (Scott). Seconds into their power play, the Canucks tied the game 1-1. Under a minute later, Sedin gave Vancouver the lead 2-1. Next, Torres had a nasty hit on Seabrook. Dirty. WATCH HERE! He's officially on my list. He can take the spot next to Wiz. Hey Bieksa, when someone hits one of our players, instead of going and hitting one of yours, they say no and skate around them and score. Sharp gets the Hawks' second goal to tie it 2-2 on the power play. Seabrook was hit by Torres AGAIN and went to the dressing room. Fortunately, he was back out on the ice for the third.

I'm not sure it's even worth mentioning that the Hawks had another power play. Terrible. Samuelsson scored on a rebound to put the Canucks back up 3-2. Cue another Hawks' power play not worth mentioning. Vancouver actually gets a power play on an elbow by Campbell, which was right after a scoring opportunity by Kesler. Hammer stopped a big shot. According to his commercial, he just completed his one goal. No playing time for Scott in the third. Crawford was pulled with 90 seconds left. And the Blackhawks lost game three 3-2 to the Canucks.

Wanna forget about the loss or at least feel worse about something else? It's suppose to snow!

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