Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Crawford returns home for the first time tonight against the Habs: “It’ll be pretty special. I was a huge Canadiens fan growing up and I’ve been there a lot of times to watch games. I don’t have the words to mention how special it is to be going back and playing a game there.” Read more about Crawford and how far he's come in the NHL here: CSNChicago: Crawford's rise from AHL call-up to No. 1 goalie Hear from Crawford on returning home on Blackhawks TV.

More from Blackhawks TV: Kane and Troy Murray remember their homecomings.

It's that time in the season to pull out all the cliches like the Blackhawks hold the key to their future or like Pisani said (insert epic voice), "We're in charge of our own destiny." What will the Blackhawks do? I like whatever crystal ball Campoli is looking in: "We're a confident group and we want to be going into the playoffs playing well. We believe that's where we're going to be." Read more: Chicago Tribune: Hawks' playoff fate in their hands)

Update on Sharp from Coach Q: "Sharpie is progressing well here and we'll get a clear indication later on this week, but we like his progress. I'm going to say over the next day or so he should be trying to get on the ice." (source) More from Coach on Sharp on Blackhawks TV.

Blackhawks vs Canadiens on CSN at 6:30pm! LETS GO HAWKS!!

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