Monday, April 18, 2011


Torres will not be suspended for his hit on Seabrook last night, according to TSN. Obviously, I think it's bullshit. And it's just another situation to add to the pile of evidence that further proves that the NHL has some serious flaws, problems or whatever you wanna call it. At first I thought could the NHL be more inconsistent, but @AndrewBHDL said it best: "Lots of people are calling the NHL inconsistent with this ruling. I disagree. Its just that they are consistently wrong with their rulings."

Seabrook: "I think the league is suspending based on the injury of the hit and whether or not the guy missed some games or whether he's lying there, getting carried off on a stretcher. I think that's wrong. They're trying to change the game and they're trying to take head hits out of the game. You've got to make the same suspension [and] the same judgment, whether or not he was lying there and taken off on a stretcher or he played the next shift." (source)

Toews: “At the end of the day we’re looking out for our teammate. It has to be at least a borderline head hit. Considering what Torres has been up to lately, obviously there’s no coincidence that something like that would happen. So it’s frustrating the league didn’t take action in our favor.” (source)

Sharp: "I thought it was a bad hit. I'm usually the first one to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Things can go either way. But in this situation, I just look at the player making the hit and his intent. He played eight or nine minutes and I don't think he touched the puck. His job out there is to create big hits. He got a penalty on Seabrook's hit, so obviously it wasn't a clean hit. Earlier, he took a run at [Brian] Campbell, missed him, so he tried to elbow him in the head. He got a penalty on that. Like I said, I like to give guys the benefit of the doubt, but I think it's pretty clear what his intentions were." (source)

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Kopecky will not play in game four, but Bolland might play tomorrow night. Coach Q: "Based on the timing he's ready to play, he wants to play. You have to like his competitive spirit. The bottom line is he'll do anything he can to be part of the team again. He's had some success against these guys. His role and job description is important." (source) Bolland: "It's probably the worst feeling ever: watching your team play and you can't. You do take it in the heart. But the head is winning the battle." Read more on Bolland here: VancouverSun: Bolland finally seeing some light Bickell could be back on the ice tomorrow too.


-Toews: "We dug ourselves a hole. We did it to ourselves. We're right where we deserve to be. There's nothing you want to leave behind. You have to pour it all on now. You play 82 games and you don't want it to be for nothing. We have a lot of pride and it's been done before. We just have to start with the next one. It's our last chance to keep this series alive and keep ourselves afloat."

-Kane: “We’re obviously in a pretty tough position, but you never know in this league. That’s why it’s a best-of-seven series and why you play first to four. So we’ll see what happens. We want to leave it on the ice and have a sense of pride in here - to give the fans a good show and be proud of the organization we play for.

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