Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blackhawks Convention Day 2: More Tweets

There's no better way to hear what happened at the convention than from the fans themselves:

@ChiBlackhawks What goes through crawford's mind when the puck hits the post? "oh I missed that one" and then "is it in?"

@TimSassone Patrick Kane at kids press conference asked how he really broke his wrist: "What's that supposed to mean?" joked Kane. #blackhawks

@HockeyBroad Sharp: "Those prank videos brought me nothing but trouble." #BHConf

@hawknut Kane: "I think I probably don't like dogs 'cuz I have enough trouble just taking care of myself, gotta worry about that first." #BHConv

@HockeyBroad Kaner: "I have that (speedskating) outfit in my closet & I'm just waiting for the right moment to break it out."#BHConf

@hawknut Pat (from BHTV) on Joey the Junior Reporter: "His dad is Jonathan Toews." #BlackhawksConvention

@LcDUB spotted: Sharpy wearing a Kane jersey for his WGN interview

@HockeyBroad Scott: "I pranked Q; that's why I didn't play 2nd half of the year." #BHConf #BHTV

@hawknut Sharpie: "The thing with Seabs, he doesn't understand the concept of flushing the toilet."#BlackhawksConvention

@Lorikaryl There is not a single guy in line for photo w/Stalberg lol! #blackhawksconvention

@AdamRogowin If u aren't at the @WGN_Radio live broadcast u r missing Patrick Sharp wearing his favorite players sweater

@HockeyBroad Kid to Sharpy: "How much gel do you use in your hair?" #BHConf

@LcDUB "what'll you do with the Sharp bobblehead?" "I'll just tap its head up and down and say 'Is Kane the best player?'"

@dmmack13 Stalberg on the Chicago's most wanted panel#blackhawks #blackhawksconvention

@forksvschopstic John Scott's karaoke song is "Piano Man"..HAHAHA! I want to see vids of this.

@TramyersCSN Crawford asked if he's afraid of Chara. Crawford said: "Should ask Kane. He's what, 2 feet taller than you?" #Blackhawks

If you have a story of your own from the convention that you're willing to share, email me at

Blackhawks Convention Day 2: Tweets

These tweets brought me two kinds of tears: Tears of jealousy and tears of laughter.

@HockeyBroad Goalie forum. "So, Corey, do you ever yell at your D-men?" "I don't think I've been around long enough to yell at Norris trophy winners."

@NHLBlackhawks Sharpy: "I don't have a roommate right now." Woman in the crowd: "I'm available!" #BlackhawksConvention

@miranduh8832 "Score a few goals and you'll get your own suite." Sharpy to Seabs. "And be named one of the 50 Most Beautiful in Chicago."

@NHLBlackhawks Sharpy never quits... Put lotion on Seabrook's phone last night so he'd get an ear full when his wake-up call came. #BlackhawksConvention

@HockeyBroad Kid: "Corey, how does it feel to be a Blackhawk?" CC: "It's awesome." Kid: "Really?"

@malloryallyce Ohhhhhh Seabsy. You are hilar. "I'm fresh today" hahaha.

@dmmack13 Seabs shampoo is whatever is around--yea someone asked #blackhawks #BlackhawksConvention

@HockeyBroad Question: "What player did you most dread seeing come towards you?" Glenn Hall: "The guy with the puck!" #BHConv

@One4theDagger Seabs on the past two panels.... He steals the show. Hilarious. #Blackhawks

@RunsOnDuncan Dear Sharp: Wear those pants forever, please. Gotta thank your mother for a butt like that.

@NVgoldrush12 Does everyone want a Patrick Sharp bobblehead? Toews shakes his head "no"

@BrianHedger Toews was asked if a crash course is needed for new guys re: hating Vancouver. 'I don't think so. I thought everybody hated them already?'

@achwastek Toews: "I had to go out back and hop in a cab" Rob Johnson: "you took a taxi?" Toews: "ok it was a limo"#BHConv

@NHLBlackhawks Rob Johnson: "So Sharpy, you're one of Chicago's 50 most beautiful people..." Sharpy: "See how jealous Tazer is right now?"

@achwastek Sharp: "these 2 guys beside me get recognized far more than me…Tazer because he has a huge ass" Toews stands up and smacks his butt #BHConv

@NHLBlackhawks Ouch. Stalberg just pointed out that he actually got in 2 fights last year. Sharpy: "I had 0 fights, but I think it was, um, 34 goals."

@PRod85 Fan: "viktor, I'm your biggest fan." Viktor: "well at least I have one!" HAHAHHAHAA <33333

@achwastek Kid asks Toews: "Does Kane ever get on your nerves?" Toews: "I think that's obvious" #BHConv

@NHLBlackhawks Really nice moment where a soldier from Fort Stewart, GA asked a question and got a standing ovation. He deploys Monday.

@achwastek Sharp about Kane and Toews: "I used to try and get in the middle to break them up now I just take a seat and watch" #BHConv

@LushLuv Toews. "After 2 out of 3 years of beating those guys,we've got a cup ring." Then he pours himself a glass of water. LIKE.A.BOSS. #Blackhawks

@HockeyBroad Hossa on Kaner & Toews: "They both want the puck, but ok, there's only one puck." #BHConv

@LushLuv OMG TOEWS' COMMENT ON HOSSA... "He's got this 10 foot pole he likes to dangle around people." lmao

@ChrisKuc A kid just asked #Blackhawks' Patrick Kane if he could come to Kane's house in Buffalo: "If I was there I'd have you over."

@TramyersCSN 9-year-old girl asks for future prom date w/ Kane. Says Crawford: "You don't want to take him"#Blackhawks