Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blackhawks Convention Day 2: More Tweets

There's no better way to hear what happened at the convention than from the fans themselves:

@ChiBlackhawks What goes through crawford's mind when the puck hits the post? "oh I missed that one" and then "is it in?"

@TimSassone Patrick Kane at kids press conference asked how he really broke his wrist: "What's that supposed to mean?" joked Kane. #blackhawks

@HockeyBroad Sharp: "Those prank videos brought me nothing but trouble." #BHConf

@hawknut Kane: "I think I probably don't like dogs 'cuz I have enough trouble just taking care of myself, gotta worry about that first." #BHConv

@HockeyBroad Kaner: "I have that (speedskating) outfit in my closet & I'm just waiting for the right moment to break it out."#BHConf

@hawknut Pat (from BHTV) on Joey the Junior Reporter: "His dad is Jonathan Toews." #BlackhawksConvention

@LcDUB spotted: Sharpy wearing a Kane jersey for his WGN interview

@HockeyBroad Scott: "I pranked Q; that's why I didn't play 2nd half of the year." #BHConf #BHTV

@hawknut Sharpie: "The thing with Seabs, he doesn't understand the concept of flushing the toilet."#BlackhawksConvention

@Lorikaryl There is not a single guy in line for photo w/Stalberg lol! #blackhawksconvention

@AdamRogowin If u aren't at the @WGN_Radio live broadcast u r missing Patrick Sharp wearing his favorite players sweater

@HockeyBroad Kid to Sharpy: "How much gel do you use in your hair?" #BHConf

@LcDUB "what'll you do with the Sharp bobblehead?" "I'll just tap its head up and down and say 'Is Kane the best player?'"

@dmmack13 Stalberg on the Chicago's most wanted panel#blackhawks #blackhawksconvention

@forksvschopstic John Scott's karaoke song is "Piano Man"..HAHAHA! I want to see vids of this.

@TramyersCSN Crawford asked if he's afraid of Chara. Crawford said: "Should ask Kane. He's what, 2 feet taller than you?" #Blackhawks

If you have a story of your own from the convention that you're willing to share, email me at

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