Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Around the UC: Blackhawks at Wrigley

(See more photos from their day at Wrigley here)

It was Blackhawks day at Wrigley Field yesterday. Kane showed off his baseball skills by throwing out the first pitch. He had some help singing the seventh inning stretch from Stalberg, Bolland, Hammer, and Mayers. This would be the moment where I would say some insult about the Cubs, but since both Chicago baseball teams are playing like shit, I find it unnecessary. However, you can see the boys in black and white this Saturday at the Cell for another Blackhawks night. I think black and white is a little more flattering on them then Cubbie blue, but that's just me. It's also nice seeing the boys back in town. We have the cooler weather and the Starbucks fall collection now we just need some hockey. Do I even have to ask? Is it October yet?

(You can check out more new videos from Blackhawks TV here, including Sharp throwing out the first pitch, Coach Q singing the seventh inning stretch, and the painting of the logo)

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