Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Around the UC:

-Olczyk: “One hurts, we all hurt. It has really crushed the hockey world."
ChicagoTribune: Olczyk: Tragedies have 'crushed the hockey world'

-Brunette: “We can’t just sweep it under the carpet. It’s something we really need to take a hard look at. We have to open the lines of communication and players have to be willing to listen and speak.”
CSNChicago: Enforcer deaths an eye-opener for current Hawks

-Blackhawks Head Team Physician Dr. Michael Terry: “Patrick Sharp underwent an emergent surgical appendectomy this evening after experiencing some abnormal abdominal discomfort. The surgery was successful and I anticipate a full recovery in approximately three to four weeks."
NHL.com: Patrick Sharp undergoes appendectomy

-Keith: "When you think of a Hall of Fame you don't think of getting inducted while you're still playing. But it's a huge honour and a privilege to be put in that select group that gets to go into the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame. I was honoured to be picked for that team. To play on Team Canada in the Winter Olympics in your own backyard...it doesn't get any better than that."
BCLocalNews: Former Rockets Weber and Keith being inducted into BC Sports Hall of Fame

-Crawford: "I feel strong (and) quicker. I'm eager to go and I'm excited for the season."
ChicagoTribune: Crawford out to prove he belongs in top echelon

-NBCChicago: Training Camp Questions: The Second Center

New Blackhawks TV videos:
-Blackhawks Four Feathers Golf Tournament
-Rookie Tourney Day 4 (off day)
-Rookie Tourney Day 3
-Rookie Tourney Day 2
-Jonathan Toews Prevails
-Toews' Fantasy Draft Campaign

-Bickell: "Going into last year I had to make this team, and I think coming into this year I have to do the exact same thing. Looking back at last year, I had a good season, but … it's up to them. To show how much I really want it and to see how good of shape I am coming into it is a big thing. There are spots open and you have to do everything 100 percent and show the coaches, training staff and general manager that you want to be here."
ChicagoTribune: Blackhawks' Bickell set to prove himself again

-Toews knocking out a little kid:

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