Monday, September 26, 2011

Around the UC:

-According to the chicago media, Saad can really play with the "big boys"

-Coach Q: "We might try that. He's been playing center throughout scrimmages and practices now and we'll see."

-Coach Q: ‘‘It’s something we’re going to at least take a look at. He was not complaining."

-Richards: “It’s a challenging camp, but every year I’ve been there I’ve felt a little more comfortable on the ice. You realize you deserve to be there and can compete with them.”

-"The Blackhawks' Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Viktor Stalberg hung out atParis Club's upstairs lounge, Studio Paris, following Saturday's pre-season win over theWashington Capitals."

-Kane: "Stan just came up to me and asked me over the summer. I said I'd be willing to try it if they wanted to. He didn't tell me why. He just said it was something they wanted to try."

-Emery: "I feel better. My hands are feeling better and reading plays is getting there. It would be nice to see it translate in the games here. I'm looking forward to playing again."

-More on Saad:

-David Toews: “It was awesome. Obviously, it was a dream come true starting out on his wing. It was a little nerve wracking, but I tried to take it as any other game although I wanted to enjoy it."

-Emery on Crawford: “I was kind of joking with him that it seems unfair how easy he makes it look because I know it’s not. It’s great watching a guy who’s got things figured out as well as he does.”

Someone should hire me with those fantastic photoshop skills.

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