Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Win With Losses:

I feel it's best to start with the shitty news first and end on a good note. Ben Smith was hit hard in the head in the third period. He eventually had to leave the game and his now day-to-day. The injuries don't stop there. Stalberg also left the game and is out for three weeks, after he hurt his leg.

Coach Q on Smith: "Ben's OK, I guess OK. I don't want to put a timeline on him. ... It's exactly the hit that they're trying to get out of the game. That's the blow to the head, first part of the contact is the head." (source)

Coach Q on Stalberg: "It looked like it might have been a collision, but looked like it could've been more than a collision. We'll leave it at that." (source)

Read more injury news here

The Hawks did end up beating the Red Wings. Even though it's preseason it's always a little sweeter winning against them. Kane and Hossa both scored in their preseason debuts. We also got our first god/Hossa reference from his goal in the third. SEEEAAABBBRROOOKK scored a goal too. Unfortunately, I missed it. The Hawks won 4-3 with Kane as the number one star. He gave us some words of wisdom in his stars of the game interview: "Detroit whatever."

Why is this post so crappy? It's preseason.
My excuse for everything.

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