Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Blackhawks Halloween!

Remember these amazing photoshops done by Blackhawks TV a couple of years ago? I mean really how could forget Seabrook as a Ninja Turtle.
Let's take a look back at classic Blackhawks Halloween videos.

Ex-Blackhawk Versteeg went naked. Keith's parents made him wear creepy clown costumes. Seabs went as a power ranger. And the best was Buff: "No I absolutely hate Halloween."

Sharp was sick of being called handsome and just wanted to be pretty as an ice girl.

Halloween costumes at the United Center. What will we see tonight with a game on Halloween?

Every trick deserves a treat

Unfortunately, the oldie but a goodie, Halloween masks video seems to be missing.

Another video from a couple years back of the Blackhawks recapping their Halloween party.

Hope everyone has a spooky Halloween and the Blackhawks scare the Predators into losing! You can watch the game at 7:30 p.m. on CSN!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Recap:

A weekend recap of recaps. I wasn't able to watch the games this weekend, so here are a few recaps just in case you need to know what happened in at least five different ways.

Friday: Blackhawks 0 - Hurricanes 3 (BOO!)
On Friday night, I was too busy saving the world (or Chicago) as Captain America.

Saturday: Blackhawks 5 - Blue Jackets 2 (YAY!)
I turned on the TV just in time to see Stalberg score his two goals. I had my invisible hat all ready to throw. The No Goals almost beat the Blackhawks and the Blue Jackets with four no goals.

-ChicagoTribune: Hawks show some offense

Let's give a big hug to ending the weekend with a win!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Around the UC:

-Keith: “We’ve been in Chicago for a while now, so we figured this was a good time to start things up to give back to the people of Chicago who have welcomed us with open arms."

Keith's wife Kelly-Rae: “Duncan and I are dedicated to helping those who don’t have access to proper health care. When we learned about the increasing amount of bankruptcies and home foreclosures resulting from high medical expenses and lack of health insurance, we wanted to find a way to make things better for Chicago families in need. We’ll do a benefit in the spring to raise money.”

Read more here:
ESPNChicago: Players turn out to support Keith's charity

See more photos from the event here:
NBCChicago: Blackhawks Duncan Keith Launches Charity

-This is the best thing ever. I know I say that a lot, but this time I actually mean it.
BHDL: Need a Halloween Costume? BHDL has you covered!

-Keith on Seabrook: "In this room we appreciate what he brings to the team. He's been around the long time and he brings a lot of leadership here, too. Everyday here knows his importance and certainly guys around the league know he's a big strong guy and tough to play against."

-Brunette: "It's still in the process of adjusting and finding your spot and your role and feeling comfortable. I'm the type of player where it doesn't come right away. It always takes a little bit. It's kind of what I expected."
Brunette still finding his spot on Hawks

-Coach Q: “Just changing it up. It can be better. When we don’t like the way things are looking or going, when you make a little change or one or two little moves here sometimes that can ignite it. It gives us a little different look.”
Quenneville tweaks first unit, power play

-Coach Q on Seabrook: ‘‘He was real physical. He’s a factor with the puck [despite] defending against those big guys for as much as he did. That’s a big night’s work, and I thought he did a great job. That [defensive] pairing [with Niklas Hjalmarsson] has been pretty effective against top lines.’’ ChicagoSun-Times: Brent Seabrook doing it all for Blackhawks

-Keith: "I feel good every night. My shifts have been a little bit shorter. I'm feel like I have more energy and hopefully that will pay off down the road." ChicagoTribune: Less is more for Duncan Keith

-Sharp: “All across the board, you look at all four lines, they’ve contributed at different times. We call it first- second-, third- and fourth-line, but really, everyone plays a unique role on this team. It’s nice to see where we are in the standings despite our power play not being where we’d like it to be. We’d like to think if we can shore that up, we’d be even better.”
Boden: Getting even more offensive

-Kane: “We go over the different sheets to see who’s name is first even though we both have the same amount of points. It seems like that’s the way it is with a lot of guys around here. I think Sharpie and I are a little bit more vocal about it and show it a little bit more. We have fun with each other.”
Kane, Sharp battle for bragging rights

Thursday, October 27, 2011

BHTV: What scares John Scott?

Ask a Tough Guy: Halloween costumes

The Spin-O-Rama Heard Around The World

The Blackhawks took on the Ducks on Tuesday. The 1st ended 0-0 with a lot of close chances by the Hawks. It was the period filled of "almost." In the 2nd, Mayers protected the money maker, also known as Stalberg's face. I can't handle all the bromantic things this team does with each other. Then came the spin-o-rama heard around the world (watch the video below). The Ducks took the lead back 2-1. Another great pass by Kane, this time to Sharp, tied the game 2-2. That goal was so handsome it broke the glass. That would of been believable if they hadn't shown a replay of Seabrook's big butt breaking the glass. It was time for Overtime. The only action was Hossa's shot hitting the goal post. The goal post was against Hossa all night. It must be the devil. Ha. Ha. Ha. You know since Hossa is god and all...

KAAAAAAAANNNNNNEEEEE! It was Kane's night. He won the game for the Hawks in a shootout. The camera then immediately showed a father and daughter doing a choreographed dance to Chelsea Dagger. It was priceless.

-Kane's spin-o-rama was #1 on SportCenter's Top 10.
-Check out Hiller's "Movember" goalie mask: here. It's mustache-tastic.
-Sharp on Kane's pass to Hossa: "I'd give him like an 8.5 because he passed it to Hossa instead of me." (source)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Recap as Quick as an Avalanche

Mikita: "I've never been called beautiful, but I'm going to call myself beautiful." (source)

Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita put on the tanning oil and went bronze. Their statues were unveiled before last night's game. And they're pretty badass. I wasn't expecting the red. I love it. You can watch videos from the unveiling on BHTV here.

Now just think of how weird it's going to be when we're all really old and Toews/Kane are getting their statues made out of gold.

Or diamonds.

The statues were up, then it was time to keep an Avalanche from falling onto the United Center. The Blackhawks tied the game twice with a goal from Fro Fro (Frolik) in the 2nd and another from Mayers in the 3rd. They eventually took the lead when Hossa scored towards the end of the game. But it was the Avalanche's turn to tie the game. The game went to a shootout and the Hawks lost 5-4.

Coach Q: “All four goals are cardinal sins how we defend or how we play situational plays. All the plays that we talk about daily in how we play, we played them all poorly.” (source)

Coach Q :“Every goal was directly our responsibility and we know how we have to play those situations and we can’t serve them up like we did tonight." (source)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Preview: Blackhawks vs Avalanche

Who needs words with a photo like this?
Watch the Blackhawks ride into Colorado tonight on an avalanche to take on the Avalanche at
8:00 p.m. on CSN.



When I think about last night's Blackhawks game, I think GREAT! It was just so great, that's why I named this recap great. Isn't that just great? I start to repeat myself when I can't think of what to write. Should I say great again?


Starters: Bickell, Bolland, Frolik, Keith, and Leddy
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Scott, Olesz, and Lepisto
Wise Words of the Game: "They're forever. And that's a long time." - Eddie O on the Hull and Mikita statues.

The game started with a boarding call on Hammer and the Blackhawks did nothing with the power play. The first half of the first period was just about how empty arena was. Did you know hockey isn't very popular in Phoenix? Did you know there's a lot of empty seats at the game? Wow, look at all those empty seats! Hey, look no one is in their seat, insert "there must be a long line for the bathroom" joke.

Bolland had a scare in the first and no he didn't catch a reflection of his own death stare in the glass. He went down for a moment, after sliding into the goal. He probably took his own advice and told himself: "keep coming, keep going, let's go." Hossa was back and the Coyotes felt the wrath of God when he gave the Hawks a 1-0 lead. The Coyotes ended the period by missing a chance on a wide open net. I guess that's what happens when you're not cool enough to be a dog or a wolf.

I insulted the Coyotes and then they tied the game. Leave it to the Captain to take the Hawks lead back with a rebound. The Coyotes tied the game again on a turnover with Keith down. Mayers got his first goal as a Hawk with a redirect on a long shot by Keith. Thankfully, the back and forth eventually stopped

Bolland fact #84: He will score on your power play. He scored a shorty with a steal in the Coyotes zone. It's Bolly bitch. Never forget.

Bick! Bick! Bickell! He gave the Hawks their final goal with a wrister. He had a beautiful helper from Frolik. I heard around town, that line is now known as the "rat pack." I like it.

Hawks win! Hawks win! Hawks win!

It was great.

Side note: @ChrisKuc (Chicago Tribune) announced, after the game, that Seabrook is engaged. Congrats to Seabrook and his girlfriend Dayna!

Monday, October 17, 2011

BHTV: Seabrook's Charity Bowl!

"The reason it's in shiny silver is to emphasize zero mistakes."

And Toews, we all know you're just saying no one brags about being a good bowler is because it's probably the one thing you're not good at.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New One Goal Commercials:

Superhuman Duncan Keith:

So how many of you broke the video by hitting the back button on that last part too many times? Don't be ashamed, we all did.

Intense Toews Face:

Coach Q:

So how many of you broke the video on Coach Q? He's working that whistle.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Around the UC:

-Bowman: “This is what the league has to do and I applaud the steps they’ve taken. At the end of the day the players have to stop doing this to each other."
Hawks' Bowman applauds NHL's get-tough policy

-Carcillo: “They're two of the elite players in this league. It's a pretty simple job if I'm playing with them. It's just go to the net, keep my stick on the ice and be ready for backdoor passes and rebounds."
Carcillo ready for big chance with Blackhawks

Mailbag: Will Saad stick with Hawks?

-Toews: "Any player can feel a difference when Bolly's in. He's always doing a great job of playing against the other team's top line, and I think you realize how tough it is (without him)."
Bolland a key figure in Blackhawks' success

-Sharp on O'Donnell's 40th birthday: "We were joking earlier we're going to get a contact list of everyone's phone numbers except instead of the guys in the room it'll be our parents numbers so he has lots of people to hang out with after the games."
Positive news on Hawks' injury front

Ladd Not To "Agitate" Toews (audio)

-Toews: ‘‘When you get that first one, you feel like everything can start going in. When you’ve got that confidence, you just play and don’t worry about scoring goals. If it took another game to get that first one, you start thinking about it a little more, and it can snowball.’’
Fast start would be bonus for Blackhawks' Jonathan Toews

Photoshop of the Day: A Peed Inside the Department of Tommy Hawk

-Coach Q on Smith: "He's close. It's the first day he looked as good as I've seen him. He skated well, he looked like he had the pace. He said he felt well too. He's really progressing and he's real close to getting into a game."
Blackhawks' injury news encouraging (Apparently, Buehrle thinks the injury news is really encouraging too)

The 2011 Brent Seabrook Celebrity ICE Bowl

-Coach Q on Hossa: "You can look at the stat sheet, but whether he scores or not you know he has the puck, he strips people of it, he protects it, he has it and his positioning is always strong. He does some amazing things out there. That's how I appreciate what he brings to our team."
Hossa primed for a big year
Cool things to do and see in every NHL city

-Watch videos from today's practice on BHTV:

*Insert stars cliche*

A starry night at the United Center for the Blackhawks. The Hawks reached for the stars in their home opener. It was all in the stars for the Blackhawks in their 5-2 win.

I just love when the Blackhawks play a team like the Stars, it brings out the cheesy sayings. I couldn't just use one, especially for an event like the home opener. The United Center rolled out the red carpet for the Hawks, which brought out the grown men pushing aside teenage girls to get a photo of their favorite player. The red carpet gives a chance for the Hawks to show off their fashion skills like Bolland and his bow tie. After the Hawks practically ran down the awkward red carpet, they showed off their real skills on the ice with a win against the Stars.

Brunette proved he ain't no dumb blonde with the Hawks first goal of the game. I'm glad he gave me the opportunity to use my bad joke so early in the season. Dowell was welcomed back to the UC by Mayers. No real winner in their fight.

Some poor soul tried to mess with Bolland and was greeted with the Bolland death stare. He doesn't throw punches, he throws daggers. He basically scared the puck into the net to give the Blackhawks a 2-0 lead.

Toews was sent to the box and wasn't too happy about it. Angry Toews always scores angry goals. He came out of the box and was greeted by a beautiful pass from Seabrook.

Who said you can't see shooting stars in the city? There was two shooting Stars seen in the United Center on Saturday. Literally.

Just two things you need to know:
1. Patrick Sharp is a very handsome man
2. Patrick Sharp's goal was a very handsome goal

The ice was taken by surprise a few too many times during the game with the stomping feet of Scott. I love Scott, but not while I'm watching hockey. Someone I do love seeing is Kane. He was a beast the entire night and doing all the right things.

Bolland ended the game with an empty netter as a way for him to say "it's Bolly bitch" to the Stars.

To conclude my song from the preview, "Catch a falling star an' put it in your pad, save the win for the home opener." And the Blackhawks redeemed themselves.

Photo Source: Chicago Tribune

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Catch A Falling Star Preview

Catch a falling star an' put it in your pad,
Never let it score your way!
Catch a falling star an' put in your pad,
Save it when it tries to score!

Tonight is the home opener at the United Center. Woo! Woo! The Hawks look to redeem themselves with a win against the Stars. Game time is 7:30 p.m. on CSN. If you're going to the game, you can catch the guaranteed to be awkward red carpet starting at 5 (more info here). Also, new season means new Blackhawks magazine. You can read an excerpt from the new issue: Scratching the Surface. It will be available at the UC starting tonight.

Can you smell it in the air? Sweaty hockey pads. The scent of the season.

Catch a falling star an' put it in your pad,
Never let it win again!
Catch a falling star an' put it in your pad,
Save a win for the home opener!

(the real lyrics to 'Catch A Falling Star' here)

They're Back!

The Blackhawks are back! They started off the regular season last night with a loss to the Stars. I wasn't able to watch the game. I know, I'm a terrible person. There's no way I'm missing tonight's game or any other game for that matter (Well, unless I have class. Damn night classes). Luckily, there was a few people who did watch it and wrote about it. Here are some recaps of the game:

How many different ways can you read about a game? Six.

-BlackhawksDownLow: Fallen to the Stars
-ChicagoTribune: Hawks drop opener 2-1

New Blackhawks TV Episode!

"The Blackhawks are back." Watch the entire episode here.

Around the UC:

-Seabrook: "The only recognition I want is to win a Stanley Cup again. I love playing for the fans and my teammates but don't do it for media coverage or fame. I'm just a guy that goes out to work hard and play physical, whatever I can to help this team.''
Seabrook a rock for Hawks

-ESPNChicago: V
ideo: Toews with 'Waddle & Silvy'

-Saad: "It's going to be awesome. I've always worked to make the NHL and I wanted to come in here with the right attitude and work hard. I didn't expect to make the team, but it's something nice to have."
Blackhawks' Saad looks prepared for NHL debut

-Kane: "It just seems like we have a really good group. Sometimes the chemistry is there and sometimes it's not. This year it really seems like it is; especially with the new guys coming in."
Hawks put up united front

-Hammer: “I’ve got more to show people here in Chicago. I’m just looking forward to the season.”
Blackhawks' Niklas Hjalmarsson ready to improve on offense

-Watch the new CSN promos for the Blackhawks:

Video: Patrick Sharp Breaks Down the Hawks

-Duncan Keith's feature in the redeye:
What makes Duncan Keith so tough?
The Duncan Files
Quotable: Hawks give their take on Keith

Blackhawks season preview: Inside info on the new guys

-Sharp: "It's always a great feeling this time of year. There's excitement in the room. Everyone's looking forward to getting off to a good start. We've talked abut how important that is. Enough practice, enough playing against each other--we're ready to go at it."
Blackhawks set to kick off season

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Number 10 on his back, Hey it's Sharp Attack!

Today on Sharp Attack!:

-On when he felt pain: "I went out to dinner with you on Saturday night and I think that might of been the turning point."

-On meeting the doctor at the golf course: "He brought me into the men's locker room and laid me down on the bench.We were getting some weird looks from the guys in the locker room."

-On if he received any get well texts from the team: "I kept getting all these texts and phone calls from the younger guys on the team, the first year players, the rookies. Because I think they wanted to know just how long I'd be out of the lineup for so they could take my stop."

-On Saad getting pranked: "I'm sure he's an easy target. We'll have some fun with him."

-On Robbie Gould's new show: "I just like to think I'm a veteran around these parts. Robbie's just getting started. I think we can maybe pick on him a little bit. Make things a little more comfortable for him."

-On who has the better hair: "We'll leave that up to the fans I guess. Okay, i'll say I have better hair."

-On who bench presses more: "That goes with question. I'll pick Sharp for that one too."

-On if Stalberg was hit in the face: "That would of been a bench clearing brawl."

-Sharp announced he and his wife are having a baby girl due on December 15th. Cue the "awwww!" Congrats to the Sharps!

Listen to the entire hilarious segment here: Sharp Attack!

Eric and Kathy posted a behind the scenes video:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blackhawks Day on CSN:

Coach Q and Seabrook discuss the upcoming Blackhawks season on CTL:

David Kaplan and Carcillo engage in a fist fight during CTL:

Sharp interviews Pat Boyle for a SportsNet Central intermission report:

Hossa joins Chris Boden and Steve Konroyd to talk about his emotional offseason:

Watch more videos from CSN's day of Blackhawks here.

Around the UC:

-And the backup goalie position goes to...Ray Emery. The Blackhawks signed Emery to a one-year contract for $600,000. (source) Bowman: “We’re in the fortunate position to have to make a difficult decision on two netminders that impressed throughout our entire training camp. Having both Ray Emery and Alexander Salak as a part of the Chicago Blackhawks organization makes us stronger in both the short-term and long-term.” (source)

-Preseason ended for the Hawks in a 4-1 loss to the Capitals. Read more here. Just a couple of more day until the regular season!

-Hossa honored Pavol Demitra, who died in the plane crash, by putting Demitra's number on his skates. Read more and see photo here. You can buy bracelets in honor of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavlo hockey team here.

-The Hawks signed Saad to a three-year contract, read more here. He will start the season with the Hawks on Friday. Bowman: “He was disappointed to be not a first-round pick. To his credit, he took that as a challenge. We noticed him starting out in the summer with our prospect camp. When we get here, the competition has gone up each time and he’s responded to the challenge. He’s earned a spot.” (source) Watch Saad's interview with BHTV here.

-Good news on Ben Smith. He returned to practice and might play in Friday's opener. Brendan Smith was suspended eight games for his hit on Ben. Coach Q: "You look at this year, the suspensions have been lengthier than they have been in the past, and I think the players are going to adapt. It's been kind of in line with the way things have been going. In the past, it wouldn't have been as severe. But I think this is a new era we're looking at." (source) Ben S. on Brendan S.: "He sent me a text. It was nice of him. I respect that. It didn't seem like it was on purpose." (source)

-Patrick Kane has joined Twitter (@88PKane) and the awesome people over at Blackhawks Down Low took advantage of his new twitter to make this hilarious post, read here: Translation Guide for Patrick Kane's Twitter Feed.

-Friday's opener against Dallas will be a lot more handsome. Sharpy is back! The good news didn't stop there along with Sharp and Smith there's a chance of Bolland playing too. Read more here.