Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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-Bowman: “This is what the league has to do and I applaud the steps they’ve taken. At the end of the day the players have to stop doing this to each other."
Hawks' Bowman applauds NHL's get-tough policy

-Carcillo: “They're two of the elite players in this league. It's a pretty simple job if I'm playing with them. It's just go to the net, keep my stick on the ice and be ready for backdoor passes and rebounds."
Carcillo ready for big chance with Blackhawks

Mailbag: Will Saad stick with Hawks?

-Toews: "Any player can feel a difference when Bolly's in. He's always doing a great job of playing against the other team's top line, and I think you realize how tough it is (without him)."
Bolland a key figure in Blackhawks' success

-Sharp on O'Donnell's 40th birthday: "We were joking earlier we're going to get a contact list of everyone's phone numbers except instead of the guys in the room it'll be our parents numbers so he has lots of people to hang out with after the games."
Positive news on Hawks' injury front

Ladd Not To "Agitate" Toews (audio)

-Toews: ‘‘When you get that first one, you feel like everything can start going in. When you’ve got that confidence, you just play and don’t worry about scoring goals. If it took another game to get that first one, you start thinking about it a little more, and it can snowball.’’
Fast start would be bonus for Blackhawks' Jonathan Toews

Photoshop of the Day: A Peed Inside the Department of Tommy Hawk

-Coach Q on Smith: "He's close. It's the first day he looked as good as I've seen him. He skated well, he looked like he had the pace. He said he felt well too. He's really progressing and he's real close to getting into a game."
Blackhawks' injury news encouraging (Apparently, Buehrle thinks the injury news is really encouraging too)

The 2011 Brent Seabrook Celebrity ICE Bowl

-Coach Q on Hossa: "You can look at the stat sheet, but whether he scores or not you know he has the puck, he strips people of it, he protects it, he has it and his positioning is always strong. He does some amazing things out there. That's how I appreciate what he brings to our team."
Hossa primed for a big year

Cool things to do and see in every NHL city

-Watch videos from today's practice on BHTV:

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