Friday, October 28, 2011

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-Keith: “We’ve been in Chicago for a while now, so we figured this was a good time to start things up to give back to the people of Chicago who have welcomed us with open arms."

Keith's wife Kelly-Rae: “Duncan and I are dedicated to helping those who don’t have access to proper health care. When we learned about the increasing amount of bankruptcies and home foreclosures resulting from high medical expenses and lack of health insurance, we wanted to find a way to make things better for Chicago families in need. We’ll do a benefit in the spring to raise money.”

Read more here:
ESPNChicago: Players turn out to support Keith's charity

See more photos from the event here:
NBCChicago: Blackhawks Duncan Keith Launches Charity

-This is the best thing ever. I know I say that a lot, but this time I actually mean it.
BHDL: Need a Halloween Costume? BHDL has you covered!

-Keith on Seabrook: "In this room we appreciate what he brings to the team. He's been around the long time and he brings a lot of leadership here, too. Everyday here knows his importance and certainly guys around the league know he's a big strong guy and tough to play against."

-Brunette: "It's still in the process of adjusting and finding your spot and your role and feeling comfortable. I'm the type of player where it doesn't come right away. It always takes a little bit. It's kind of what I expected."
Brunette still finding his spot on Hawks

-Coach Q: “Just changing it up. It can be better. When we don’t like the way things are looking or going, when you make a little change or one or two little moves here sometimes that can ignite it. It gives us a little different look.”
Quenneville tweaks first unit, power play

-Coach Q on Seabrook: ‘‘He was real physical. He’s a factor with the puck [despite] defending against those big guys for as much as he did. That’s a big night’s work, and I thought he did a great job. That [defensive] pairing [with Niklas Hjalmarsson] has been pretty effective against top lines.’’ ChicagoSun-Times: Brent Seabrook doing it all for Blackhawks

-Keith: "I feel good every night. My shifts have been a little bit shorter. I'm feel like I have more energy and hopefully that will pay off down the road." ChicagoTribune: Less is more for Duncan Keith

-Sharp: “All across the board, you look at all four lines, they’ve contributed at different times. We call it first- second-, third- and fourth-line, but really, everyone plays a unique role on this team. It’s nice to see where we are in the standings despite our power play not being where we’d like it to be. We’d like to think if we can shore that up, we’d be even better.”
Boden: Getting even more offensive

-Kane: “We go over the different sheets to see who’s name is first even though we both have the same amount of points. It seems like that’s the way it is with a lot of guys around here. I think Sharpie and I are a little bit more vocal about it and show it a little bit more. We have fun with each other.”
Kane, Sharp battle for bragging rights

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