Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Recap as Quick as an Avalanche

Mikita: "I've never been called beautiful, but I'm going to call myself beautiful." (source)

Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita put on the tanning oil and went bronze. Their statues were unveiled before last night's game. And they're pretty badass. I wasn't expecting the red. I love it. You can watch videos from the unveiling on BHTV here.

Now just think of how weird it's going to be when we're all really old and Toews/Kane are getting their statues made out of gold.

Or diamonds.

The statues were up, then it was time to keep an Avalanche from falling onto the United Center. The Blackhawks tied the game twice with a goal from Fro Fro (Frolik) in the 2nd and another from Mayers in the 3rd. They eventually took the lead when Hossa scored towards the end of the game. But it was the Avalanche's turn to tie the game. The game went to a shootout and the Hawks lost 5-4.

Coach Q: “All four goals are cardinal sins how we defend or how we play situational plays. All the plays that we talk about daily in how we play, we played them all poorly.” (source)

Coach Q :“Every goal was directly our responsibility and we know how we have to play those situations and we can’t serve them up like we did tonight." (source)

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