Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Spin-O-Rama Heard Around The World

The Blackhawks took on the Ducks on Tuesday. The 1st ended 0-0 with a lot of close chances by the Hawks. It was the period filled of "almost." In the 2nd, Mayers protected the money maker, also known as Stalberg's face. I can't handle all the bromantic things this team does with each other. Then came the spin-o-rama heard around the world (watch the video below). The Ducks took the lead back 2-1. Another great pass by Kane, this time to Sharp, tied the game 2-2. That goal was so handsome it broke the glass. That would of been believable if they hadn't shown a replay of Seabrook's big butt breaking the glass. It was time for Overtime. The only action was Hossa's shot hitting the goal post. The goal post was against Hossa all night. It must be the devil. Ha. Ha. Ha. You know since Hossa is god and all...

KAAAAAAAANNNNNNEEEEE! It was Kane's night. He won the game for the Hawks in a shootout. The camera then immediately showed a father and daughter doing a choreographed dance to Chelsea Dagger. It was priceless.

-Kane's spin-o-rama was #1 on SportCenter's Top 10.
-Check out Hiller's "Movember" goalie mask: here. It's mustache-tastic.
-Sharp on Kane's pass to Hossa: "I'd give him like an 8.5 because he passed it to Hossa instead of me." (source)

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