Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Around the UC:

-Seabrook: "I'm feeling good. It's tough to sit out anytime. I hate it. I'm probably the worst. The trainers all probably want to kill me. They're working to get me back on the ice, so they can stop dealing with me, I think. It's tough to sit out and tough to watch your team play and feel like you can be out there and kind of help out."
Seabrook, Frolik take part in Blackhawks practice

-Kane: “He’s done so many great things for the sport, and he’s been one of the most dominant players this century. He’s fun to watch. He’s a guy that players like myself and other younger players can learn from, and he’s great for the league.”
Hawks also in awe of Crosby's return

-Seabrook: “I’m feeling good. I think it’s progressed every day. You never really fear the worst on things like that unless your arm’s sticking out of the skin or something like that. I thought it was just a stinger, charley-horse type of thing.”
Hawks' Seabrook eager to return

-Kane: "Time is flying by. I can remember when I came into the league, it feels like yesterday. I was 18 and turning 19 in the month of November and now I'm turning 23. A lot of good things have happened in my career so far. I'm excited about where the rest will lead."
Turning 23, Kane growing up

-Stalberg: “Guys were really upset about that loss and the way we lost. We went into Vegas knowing that and I don’t think it was as crazy as it could have been so guys respected that loss and respect that we want to get back to work and get points on this road trip.”
Vegas trip proved to be good distraction

Video: Jonathan Toews breaks targets across the ice in viral clip

Blackhawks in flux a quarter into season

-Niemi: “Yeah, for sure, playing with them with the one big year and with lots of guys I know. Obviously, it’s a little bit bigger challenge than the other teams.”
Sharks-Hawks still special for Niemi

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