Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Explosion of awesomeness (as well as Crawsomeness)

Blackhawks vs Canucks games are always exciting. The 1st period of tonight's game was no different. It was fast paced and full of good chances from both teams. It was all about the Corey and the other Cory. It was a battle of goalies. Crawsome moments were happening all over the place. Bolland was back and it didn't take long for him to be reunited with Bickell and Frolik. We also learned the new term "feathered it to Stalberg." Seems everyone has their own meaning. I have a feeling a lot of fan girls wouldn't mind feathering Stalberg.

Hansen scored about 30 seconds into the 2nd for the Canucks. Kesler tripped Stalberg for the first penalty of the game. Everyone prefers Brunettes! Brunette scored on the Hawks power play and gave me another opportunity to make a bad joke about hair color. His goal was assisted by a pass from Kruger and Montador. Keith forgot to shoot the puck, which caused about 20 tweets right after one another on my timeline of "SHOOT THE PUCK." Burrows went to the box for pulling ha...I mean slashing. Another power play goal for the Hawks! Toews (or Kane) scored just seconds into the pp 2-1. Keith saved goal (once again) on a 2 on 1. He was just showing off, since he knew Seabrook was watching closely. Stalberg had a little trouble at the end of the period or as Foley said he didn't know they were playing hockey. Coach Q ripped him a new one, there was no feathering involved this time.

Bolland had an interesting high stick to the ear. Huge save by Crawford. Big. Huge! Now just imagine Crawford saying that as a hooker to a bitchy woman at a high end store in Beverly Hills. That's going to be awkward if you didn't catch the movie reference. Hossa got feisty with Hansen. Watch out for the wrath of God. Frolik was down for a bit, after going awkwardly into the boards. One of the Sedin bitches gave Crawford a stick to the groin. It was clearly on purpose. I'm sorry for the language, but fuck you. Seriously, screw you. Not necessary. God (Hossa) helped Wolverine (Toews) score a goal. Now that would be an interesting comic book. Sharp thought the game could use some handsome. It was starting to get ugly with all that Sedin out on the ice. I think the Canucks were trying to tell the Hawks something when they played "Fuck You" by CeeLo Green, after the Hawks fourth goal. Montador ended the game with goal in honor of Vigneault. You know how much he loves when the Blackhawks run up the score. Sorry the Blackhawks can't contain their awesomeness.

The Hawks will try to put out the Flames on Friday!

Game Photos:

John Scott is big.

I spy a puck in a goal.


Bolland's attempt at Toews Face. Awkward.