Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It was Halloween night at the United Center last night. Here are a few sights and frights from Blackhawks vs Predators:

-Seabrook was seen blocking a shot, which could have been a game changer. He distracted a Predator by stealing all of his candy. I imagine he whispered "Happy Halloween Bitch" in the ear of the Predator as he was left down on the ice.

-Overtime came and it felt like I was watching a Halloween movie through my fingers waiting for the scary part to happen. I also came to the realization that Overtime is like the cat jumping out part in the scary movie. You think it's going to be scary and it ends up being just the cat, then the actually scary part comes after that. The shootout. Luckily, we didn't have to get to the scary part, because...STALBERG!!!!!!!!!!!!

-The Hawks destroyed the Predators' mailbox with a baseball bat, then smashed their pumpkins, and Stalberg lit a bag full of dog shit on fire at their doorstep. Happy Halloween from the Blackhawks!

-First star was Kane. He was seen trick or treating at the Predators' goal twice. Can you say "Pa[trick] or Treat?" (That clever little pun was all @QueenCrash)

-Trotz was seen wearing the same costume again this year (photo).

-The terrifying part: Keith left the game. He's day to day with an upper body injury.

-Some fans got into the Halloween spirit at the game. BHTV captured all the "Panda-Monium" on camera:

-Watch Stalberg make it rain candy (or meatballs):

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