Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hawks vs Blues in 140 Characters or Less:

I wasn't able to watch tonight's game, due to work. So I turned to my Twitter followers and challenged them to recap the game in 140 or less. Judging from their tweets, sounds like it's a good thing I missed it.

Here's what they had to say...

@TheKitchenette fail. fail. more fail. clownshoes. shutout. fail.

@RunsOnDuncan Q decided to tweak things in this game with a sledgehammer. Also, Scott was in for whatever reason. Result: 3-0 Blues.


@Keribo1 Suckage. #enoughsaid

@FiveHoleLuck Easy... Worse effort than witnessed in the Canucks game. No bright spots at all. #blackhawks

@DaChicagoFan I don't need 140. Just think about the Carolina game and that is all you really need to know. It wasn't pretty

@luckynumber19 uhh...the hawks choked and couldn't even score and they lost. #again #imstillbitter

@motwins8391 This game is not worthy of 140 characters. Eight will suffice: womp womp.

@Bowman1 not a lot of good hockey played by the hawks tonight.

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