Monday, November 28, 2011

Update: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Apparently, the Blackhawks prefer duck over turkey. They had a 6-5 Black Friday win against the Ducks. We had our first holiday miracle of the season: Seabrook was seen on the TV in skates, while in a uniform, on the ice. He's baaaccckkk!

Things Bobby Ryan has said and done that annoy me: 1. He doesn't like baseball 2. He gave Breaking Dawn a bad movie review 3. He scored the first goal against the Hawks. The Ducks didn't stop there, they quacked twice within a minute for a 2-0 lead.

Sharpy plucked the first feather off the duck 2-1, and it certainly wasn't his last. Selanne scored for the Ducks on the power play and the camera immediately cut to a Hawks fan shaking his head. That was the appropriate reaction. It was all Bolly bitch on the power play 3-2.

I missed some of the game. I was asked to go on a werewolf hunt with my nephew/niece. Who would go on a bear hunt when you can go on a werewolf hunt? Anyway, I came back to find out wolverine (Toews) scored. How appropriate. Oh, and Sharp was a very handsome man with the puck for a second time.

Sharp had plucked and plucked all game long, then he finally killed the turkey and served it on a platter with a hat trick! That hat trick was provided by a very handsome man. Invisible hats were flying all over the place! (One day I will not refer to Sharp's looks in a recap, but today will not be that day)

The Blackhawks won 6-5, now it's time for you to head over to Runs On Duncan to read her recap made of GIFs here.

"Really honey, it's not all about you." Foley opened the Saturday's game with those words on the Kings' national anthem singer. Pat Foley started trending worldwide soon after, which made me a happy human. Brunette gave the Hawks a 1-0 lead. Sorry, I'm out of hair color jokes. If you could even call them jokes to begin with.

The Hawks needed to keep the turnovers on the Thanksgiving dessert table and off the ice. The Kings tied the game on turnovers by Seabrook and Keith. Toews contiuned his hot streak with another goal 2-1. He's on fire and it's not just that red streak on his forehead, which made an appearance during intermission. WGN had some hiccups, which eventually turned into throw up. The third was basically just a series of flashes of the game. I'm not exactly sure what happened, thanks to WGN.

"Really WGN, it's not all about you."

The Hawks won 2-1 over the Kings! But, in the end, it was really a win for all of us because we didn't have to watch WGN anymore.

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