Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Recap: Crawesome and Quick

My lazy excuse for a recap:

Blackhawks lost 2-0 against the Kings with a shutout for Quick.
Here are some photos just in case you need to tell someone their awesome in a Crawesome way:

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Godly, Handsome, Pretty Win!

The Blackhawks won against the Blues Jackets tonight 4-1 with goals by Stalberg, Hossa, and Sharp! More on the game later...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to YOU!

Videos Of Blackhawks Christmas Past

Merry Christmas!
"I hope everyone has the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Sidney Crosby tap-danced with Patrick fucking Kane. You jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the madhouse!"

Best Santa?

13 Days of Christmas

Hip Hop Hawks

12 Days of Christmas

Christmas Around the World 2009

Christmas Around the World 2010

And, of course, the new favorites from this year!

Joey the Junior Reporter was back in the new episode of Blackhawks TV

Blackhawks Holiday Album

Christmas Around the World 2011

Happy Holidays from the Blackhawks

Carol of the Bells

Thursday, December 22, 2011


No words. Still laughing... Oh my god!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Blackhawks TV on Christmas Eve!

BHTV will air it's 2011 Holiday Special on Christmas Eve at 7pm on CSN. You can also watch it again on Christmas day at 12:30pm on WGN and then again on CSN at 6pm. (source)

Watch the trailer here:

Looks like it's another hilarious episode!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Videos: Blackhawks vs Penguins

Scott vs Engelland:

The Pinball machine:

Recap: Happy Feet

The Penguins had a case of Happy Feet tonight against the Hawks. They couldn't seem to keep their feet on the ice. And it wasn't for dancing.

Time for this week's "I think that's mean." (this isn't a weekly thing, I just thought it sounded nice) Scott completely destroyed Engelland. Engelland's helmet, also, felt the anger from the Scott's fist. What did the helmet ever do to you? The beating on Engelland was for good reason. Engelland laid a nasty hit on Kruger. Some might call it a "high" hit, but I like to call it a "head" hit. Kruger was out for the rest of the game, but Engelland was not. The fight against Scott had my mom saying "I think that's mean." Well you know what's actually "mean" a dirty hit.

Personally, I only like the Penguins when they're in Santa hats and handing out gifts to little kids. The dancing cartoon ones aren't too bad either.

The Pens were leading 2-0 when the Hawks got their first goal. It looked as if Stalberg had scored, which had everyone yelling "HE FINISHED! HE FINISHED!" Unfortunately, they couldn't finish their chant, because Stalberg didn't finish. Goal went to Toews.

God and Baby Jesus teamed up for their best combination, since Christmas. Hossa and Kane had an absolutely beautiful passing play with a goal by Stalberg to finish it out. HE FINISHED! HE FINISHED! HE FINI...oh...HE DID FINISH! I bet Kane learned those moves from playing the giant pinball machine in the Chevy commercial.

For the rest of the 3rd, Stalberg acted like a kid who went on a roller coaster for the first time and wanted to ride it again and again. But instead he scored and wanted to score again and again. He was all over the net, including the post, which he hit a couple of times.

The last few minutes of the game were the kind that made you feel like you played in the game after watching it. "Wooo, we need to go hit the showers and take a nap after that one." Instead I just finally got off the couch and changed the channel.

The late surge of energy wasn't enough for the Hawks. They fell to the Penguins 3-2. In other news, Hawks fans all over the Chicago land area are recovering from heart attack symptoms.

-Seabrooks made a quick comeback from his hit last game. He's the Beast.
...I mean he's a beast!
-Question of the day: Am I the only person that sees Matt Cooke and every time pronounces it cookie in their head?
-It just wouldn't be a game on Versus if I didn't mention Pierre McGuire. He talked to Coach Q on the bench about Kruger: "I'm not sure." And I don't want to talk to you.
-Everyone else talking to Pierre during the game: "I don't want to talk to you."
-In today's translations by me:
Announcer: "Stalberg looks to the heavens as he skates off the ice."
Me: "Stalberg looks to Hossa as he skates off the ice."

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hawks vs Sharks

The opening page on

Listening to the Blackhawks play in overtime is way more nerve-racking than watching it on TV. I listened as Brunette tied the game late in the third off of Hossa's shot. Sharp won it in overtime just a couple days after the birth of his first child.
Of course, he scored for Madelyn Grace!
Hawks won 3-2 against the Sharks.


“It’s been a special few days. I know the puck is going in for me but I’m the last person I’m thinking of right now. My wife and baby [are] back home. It’s going to be so much fun to go home right now.” (source)

And congrats to Seabrook on his 500th game! He also had an assist on Sharp's overtime goal.

    Saturday, December 10, 2011

    Around the UC:

    See more photos from the Blackhawks holiday party here.

    -Congrats to the Sharp family on their newborn baby girl!
    Sharp: "It’s crazy. You can prepare and talk about it as much as you want and my brother (Chris) has two daughters and I talked to (Marian) Hossa a lot this year. You can think you're ready for it and when it happens it’s a whole different situation."
    Read more from the new father here:
    ChicagoTribune: Blackhawks' Sharp becomes a father

    -Sharp: "When I saw the baby for the first time, it was an unbelievable feeling. You really can't describe it until you go through it yourself."
    Patrick and Abby Sharp celebrate the birth of Madelyn

    -Seabrook: "I love this organization and I'd love to be here for my whole career." Sunday will be Seabrook's 500th game. It's also another chance for Keith and Seabrook to talk about each other to the media. Keith: "We've kind of grown up together. I've definitely seen Brent mature as a person off the ice as well as on the ice. He has gotten better every year. "It has been awesome to be his teammate for the last seven years."
    Seabrook set for 500th game Sunday

    Blackhawks' fantastic four

    -Bowman: "I've been calling a lot of the GM's over the last few weeks to try and find out what they're doing. We've contacted all the teams and we're looking to get better. If we see an opportunity to get either a forward or a defenseman I think we'd have to look at that."
    Blackhawks GM making calls

    -Emery: “I’m happy to get wins but at the same time I think that you can always get better. As soon as you think you’re doing well, get too comfortable something might happen. You just have to be ready.”
    Emery continues to ride confidence streak

    -Toews on Hossa: “There’s nothing he can’t do out there. I’ve said that many times about Hoss; he’s one of those complete packages and one of those rare players you don’t see too often. But at the same time he’s willing to do whatever he has to do to help the team win. He doesn’t have that ego where there’s things he’s too good to do out there. He just goes out there and gets the job done.”
    Is Hossa a Selke Trophy candidate? Why not?

    #Blackhawks take different approaches to Twitter

    -Carcillo: "It's different sitting in the room with microphones. You've got to kind of pretend you're talking to people. It's different, but it's also fun, interesting and new. It's something I've been interested in for the longest time. ... I'm pretty proud of it."
    Patrick Kane jokes about Daniel Carcillo's radio show

    -Toews on if he wants to start a family someday: “Yeah, I’m human."
    Hawks going with Emery's hot hand

    The Blackhawks as Muppets

    -Sharp: “Seabs saw a bunch of people walking around with these belts, and he thought it’d be a good idea to pass it around to the MVPs. He went and offered a guy some money for it, bought it and brought it to the rink the next day.”
    Championship belt is Blackhawks' newest accessory

    -BHTV: Season ticketholders party at Navy Pier:

    Thursday, December 8, 2011

    Mr. 400

    Hawks vs Islanders

    In honor of the Hawks playing the Islanders tonight: The Long Island Mom

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011

    Update: Hawks vs Coyotes

    The Hawks took on the "team not cool enough to be wolves" Coyotes. It was a comeback game for the Hawks, but don't call it a comeback. They tied the game 3-3, but ended up losing to the Coyotes in a shootout. It was, also, a Toews love fest.

    Toews and Kane scored to tie the game 3-3. Keith's shot on the power play was slipped in by Toews for a goal, but was immediately ruined by having to listen to Pierre McGuire during the celebration. Toews gave a beautiful pass to Kane for a goal. Kane fell during the celebration and Toews was all like, "okay let's celebrate down there!" I just have to say it again, there are good hockey players and there are great hockey players. Then there is Toews.

    And then there is Sidney Crosby as a vampire. If you were a a hockey fan living under a rock today, you missed an interesting, hilarious interview with John Steigerwald. Listen here.

    The Blackhawks take on the Islanders at 6 on Thursday.

    Now take the time to watch this: Stalberg's face is in it and food. Can't get better than that.